ST14 – Kraz 6322

Author: Ha3ap Source: This mod replaces the kraz in the game with this. The mighty Kraz 6322. Brings its own two attachments. And two sets of wheels. Also able to carry a fuel cistern for example. ** Updated to the latest xml and filename standard ** by Kaku ** … Continue reading

ST14 – Kamaz Addons

Author: Vorkir. Copyright Kamaz 53212 (box): Lexan. Copyright Kamaz 45143 (box): Lexan, T-150, dimaks, KAMAZIST89, DRONKLIM, RusAGROteH. Copyright envelope Spin Tires 2014: Arthur Vomov (ziG). Source: This addon mod gives you three boxes to add to the Kamaz. Two smaller ones, one with a gate and one without. And one … Continue reading

ST14 – GAZ 66 v1.1

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: While roaming through the forest i found this abandoned Gaz 66 truck. Beaten up, rusty, filthy and with errors in its meshes xml files. I towed it back to the garage. Fixed the xml’s and put it here for you to enjoy. No idea what … Continue reading

ST14 – Arraial Trailer pack

Original: Arraial Converter: Anders Source: Oovee We had a nice trailerpack with the Renaul Premium truck that Arraial made. And now Anders has nicely converted these massive trailers into the 2014 full game. Just download, extract and copy into the unzipped Media folder. The pakage has three trailers. A cement … Continue reading

ST14 – Mini fuel trailer

Author: Source: When we say mini we mean it does have a 2000 liter capacity. It’s a mini fuel trailer which can be hooked onto trucks such as the Maz or Kraz and then used to fuel other trucks etc. Nicely done mod with good texturing and physics. … Continue reading

ST14 – Gaz 69A

Original: Vlad Tkachenko Converter: Max Source: ** Package updated. ** kuka ** A good conversion from 2013 to 2014 is this Gaz 69A. Nice car if you are bored with the Uaz. It can get stuck but lukcily there is always something heavy around like the K-700 to winch … Continue reading

ST14 – T-150

Converter: Vorkir Original: hz888 Source: Oovee ** Package xml and filenames updated ** kaku ** The T-150 tractor is like a smaller brother to the K-700 but it is force of its own. This mod does not do MP or achievements and you cannot, add this time, add any addons … Continue reading

ST14 – Ural 375

Author: Dmitry Romanenko. Envelope: Roman Tkachuk and Inusya one. Source: This is a package containing the Ural 375. It has two kung versions and you can attach a log cart or crane attachment. This zip, once installed, replaces the uaz in the game. Good detailing on this truck, damage is … Continue reading