SID 1975 Cadillac Hearse

10/31 Happy Halloween Spun 1975 Cadillac Hearse Original model Sketchup: All other Modeling, Textures, Animation done by Spun Sounds by SpinTireBero: Thanks goes out to all of the crew that tested this mod. Brute, MoeRon, Nix, Hazzard, Powers, Zach, Josh hope I havent forgot anyone. Please visit SID … Continue reading

Datsun Truggy BC

Author: Bregel. With a 1.9Tdi under the hood this custom Datsun Truggy BC from the Bregel Garage can do a pretty good trail ride. It looks gorgeouos with fully animated steering parts on the front, thanks to assist by Garminbreak. It had no problem with the trail map Bregel made … Continue reading

John Deere 540B Log Skidder

Author: >Forces< Text by author: in the Modding Line this is my fifth Mod (the first after loosing all the blend files when my 32gb FlashDrive Died) but heres a New Beginning Completetly scracht Made this New Log skidder (that does have logs to pull) has 6 addons (Load included) … Continue reading


Author: GolmanRS Typical Russian engineering. Mary the cab from a cab with the Zil 6×6 undercarriage. Excellent exploration vehicle or extreme logging truck. Mod is in development so expect future updates.  

Kentworth W900

Source: Upgrade pack: -added new truck Kenworth w900 6×6 with low roof -added their addons -added wheels -Changed sound of the engine as close as possible to the actual (maximum nowhere))) -Fixed a bug has: -3 type truck -5 + addons its default -5 types of wheels -Custom sound … Continue reading

Ford W9000

Author: hoanns / thombuggy A mighty Ford W9000. Available in 4×4 and 6×6. It can be equiped with several addons and tires but the best part is the auto trailer. It can carry up to 6 smaller cars. And with 4 trucks loaded is still able to climb uphill with … Continue reading

Chevy S10 Crawler

Original model: Credits Design: Nix_909 Modeling and XML: SID Textures, UV maps Animation: BruteTerror Engine Sounds: SpinTireBero Excellent crawler. Has a lot of power to put onto the ground. I did flip it over once during my ride but had help from an old Army truck which happened to … Continue reading

KamAZ-Riat – «Polar»

Author: ReDPOW This is a brutal truck. A 8×8 monster meant for one thing, conquer the map no matter the cost. It can carry several different loads plus some trailers. When i low gear it will plow on until it gets where it needs to go. Ideal for swamped maps.

Kamaz 65222

Author: RAMAXA Source: Info from stmods: -6 their addons -2 type their wheels -Changed wheels on dissolution -New dissolution and platform -kanistra fuel 40L -bagazhnik repair 100 + 40l fuel -added point hook -Changed CAT and suspension -type of cabin -sposobnost transporting logs 2 and 6 points