Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk Info from vk:  Added native sound, couple new add-ons for repairs and fuel, and of booklet on the track. UAZ-31512 and UAZ-3151 ( “kolkhoz” and “military” bridges) is the set of add-ons allow skastomayzit UAZ to your taste -also have 5 sets of wheels with different … Continue reading

Kamaz 44108

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: A new version of the Kamaz 44108. Addons list does not match the previous one by Dmitry so this one gets its own post. Nice set of addons among which i good looking truck trailer. Good set of tires to choose from and a good texture … Continue reading

Mitsubishi Pajero I

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: The Pajero is a like the landrover a classic. And this mod shows what it can do. It can be fitted with some addons like rocksliders, roof rack and other wheels. Drives good, looks good and overall is a joy to be using in Spin Tires.

Ural 4320-3111-78

Author: Max Dmitriev /  Dmitry Romanenko Source: Max and Dmitry make good mods when they work together and this is proof. Really good looking truck with a impressive addon list that actually all work. Check it out and be sure to try the big tube trailer. It’s massive and a … Continue reading

Kraz 255 Final

Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: This is a beauty of a truck. A well made Kraz 255B with a nice list of addons to make it look better or worse. Two tires to choose from and some other addons like a carriage or tractor. The truck texturing and driving are very … Continue reading

Kamaz 44108 final version

Author: Dmitry Romanenko, Voodoo Source: This is massive truck with a massive list of addons. You can make it as crazy as you would like. It can haul container, rescue trailers, triple trailer and more. Good cab cam and a good ride make this a really good mod to use … Continue reading