Author: Vadim Chugaynov With redesigned suspension and changed throughput and power this Gaz looks amazing. A new cabin color  plus customized light  and new wheels. Features: -5 + addons its default are two kinds of wheels -Custom sound -type of cabin



Author: CyMpak Mix Mad Max with a Gaz truck and this is what you get. A truck that is crap at off road but good at running barriers and knocking trucks over with its front mounted blade. Can be fitted with wheels, chained and without chains. Machine gun and two … Continue reading

Case H620 Turbo


Author: kwest703 Three wheels to choose from. One addon, fuel, and a couple of trailers. Pitty it does not have a log carriage addon for the trailer itself. Excellent heavy duty 6×6 tractor.

Toyota Hilux


Author: Forces Screenshots and info by author: Hi to all this is my third mod it was made back on legacy but I never upload it due to some issues but finaly after a long wait we reach the end and here it is Model: https://3dwarehouse….bdac088812ec403 Re-modeling,Fixing,texturing,animations,etx and coverting to … Continue reading

Datsun 510 Pickup


Author: Bregel Nice little powerhouse. Can be used to repair other trucks in the field or to do small logging with using the logging addon. Has two sets of tires and excellent texturing as always. Plus, despite its size, great off road capabilities.

Ford Ranger 2016


Author: Vengeful Maniac No addons or wheels to be added, only available in 4 colors. Just a Ford Ranger from 2016 with good  balance and off road capabilities. Enjoy!

Yamal SGS


Author: A articulated 6×6 behemoth. Can do duty as logging truck or fuel truck but i had the most fun using it as a extreme exploration vehicle. -18 + addons its default -5 kinds of wheels -Custom sound

SID Toyota Truggy + FSA


Author: SID Two for the price of one. A good looking Toyota Truggy with short and Full Solid Axle. Not much addons or tires to choose from but then again you need no extras with these trucks. They both perform excellent in the field!



Author: Borsik Not a big detailed by any means but it does have a big FUN factor. Say hello to Mater from Cars. Usuable as a tow truck (DUH) and nothing much else. Can be fitted with off and on road tires. Hood shakes just like in the movies.