Mercedes 65G AMG


Author: Vlad Tkachenko Source: The well-known Merc 65G AMG. In two variants. Normal and off-road. Both are very capable cars although the off road ones has more balls than the others one ;). The in-car camera is excellent and you will notice the steering wheel also moves. Really well done … Continue reading

Upgraded HMMWV


Author: ChameleonHUM Source: The regular Hummer is a beast and this is its evil twin. Upgraded tires, suspension, winchbumper and extra lights makes this is a off road monster. If used correctly it can conquer most terrain. I enjoyed riding this truck a lot and can recommend it a 100%.

Ford Bronco


Author: Sergey Pasichnyk Source: Good quality mod. I suspect it is ripped from another game but i welcome this mod as it does look the part. It rides good, can take a punishment and has three wheels to choose from. A good scout vehicle to explore new maps with!

Brute Hummer H1


Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee This is a good solid car to go offroading with. It has been called the honey badger on the forum because it does not care what you make it do it will do it smiling (if a car could smile). It can take a punishment and … Continue reading

Toyota BJ40 V.2


Credits: Model – Sketchup Horn – Hazzard w/ Input from Brute Suspension/Animation – Powers2440/Overheating Slacker Wheels – SID, Hazzard Textures – Hazzard Testing – JeepCherokee94, Powers, Captain Blue What’s new in version 2: Fixed Suspension Bug Removed Orange for Black Source: I drove the first iteration of Hazzard’s BJ40, and … Continue reading

Kraz 4540


Author: Ilgiz Karimov Source: My first impressions upon driving out of the garage were, ‘This thing needs training wheels’, because it wobbled around so much.  But the little truck grew on me – inspite of appearances it’s very capable.  It comes with the standard set of add-ons one has come … Continue reading

M.A.N. KAT 4×4


Author: LetsRockAndRoll Source: This truck is a pleasure to drive (IMHO).  It handles well, plenty of wheel travel and flexibility, and enough pep to get it up to a pleasant jog.  I found AWD and Diff lock were only needed in extreme cases.  Most roads and tracks can be tackled … Continue reading



Author: Stetson Source: Oovee This is a wannahave in your garage. A chopped down and heavily modified Landrover crawler. Cut down bogger tires and a nice shark painted onto it make this a car to take notice off. It has grip and an appetite for difficult terrain. It has a … Continue reading

Monster Maximus


Author: Model and textures: Torus Games. Wheels: Torus Games. Maud made: ronnie. Source: This is yet another big monster truck. Pretty useless for anything in Spin Tires except for racing around a map smashing things up. Which we also like to to right