The Raakry


Author: ST13 sandrail buggy: wheelindude ST13 Dune Crawler: Hein ST14 Conversion: BruteTerror. St14 Skins: SpunInDarkness ST14 Engine sound: MarijnS95 Source: here Little bit of history: First there was the 454 sandrail dune buggy by wheelindude. Which was massively tweaked by myself into something referred to as the Dune Crawler. A … Continue reading

GAZ 66 Final Version


Model: Eagle Dynamics, OOVEE, ronnie. Addons: Eagle Dynamics, selonik, TruckerStas, Alex j, OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: Eagle Dynamics, Maxim Pioneer, ronnie. The load of stones: vorkir, ronnie. Source: This may very well be the last version indeed. It has great looks, drives excellent (for a gaz 66) and has a … Continue reading