Datsun Truggy BC


Author: Bregel. With a 1.9Tdi under the hood this custom Datsun Truggy BC from the Bregel Garage can do a pretty good trail ride. It looks gorgeouos with fully animated steering parts on the front, thanks to assist by Garminbreak. It had no problem with the trail map Bregel made … Continue reading

John Deere 540B Log Skidder


Author: >Forces< Text by author: in the Modding Line this is my fifth Mod (the first after loosing all the blend files when my 32gb FlashDrive Died) but heres a New Beginning Completetly scracht Made this New Log skidder (that does have logs to pull) has 6 addons (Load included) … Continue reading



Author: GolmanRS Typical Russian engineering. Mary the cab from a cab with the Zil 6×6 undercarriage. Excellent exploration vehicle or extreme logging truck. Mod is in development so expect future updates.  

Kentworth W900


Source: Upgrade pack: -added new truck Kenworth w900 6×6 with low roof -added their addons -added wheels -Changed sound of the engine as close as possible to the actual (maximum nowhere))) -Fixed a bug has: -3 type truck -5 + addons its default -5 types of wheels -Custom sound … Continue reading

Ford W9000


Author: hoanns / thombuggy A mighty Ford W9000. Available in 4×4 and 6×6. It can be equiped with several addons and tires but the best part is the auto trailer. It can carry up to 6 smaller cars. And with 4 trucks loaded is still able to climb uphill with … Continue reading

Chevy S10 Crawler


Original model: Credits Design: Nix_909 Modeling and XML: SID Textures, UV maps Animation: BruteTerror Engine Sounds: SpinTireBero Excellent crawler. Has a lot of power to put onto the ground. I did flip it over once during my ride but had help from an old Army truck which happened to … Continue reading

KamAZ-Riat – «Polar»


Author: ReDPOW This is a brutal truck. A 8×8 monster meant for one thing, conquer the map no matter the cost. It can carry several different loads plus some trailers. When i low gear it will plow on until it gets where it needs to go. Ideal for swamped maps.

Kamaz 65222


Author: RAMAXA Source: Info from stmods: -6 their addons -2 type their wheels -Changed wheels on dissolution -New dissolution and platform -kanistra fuel 40L -bagazhnik repair 100 + 40l fuel -added point hook -Changed CAT and suspension -type of cabin -sposobnost transporting logs 2 and 6 points

UAZ-452D / 2206


Author: yansors Nice set of two UAZ 452 models. One is fitted for expedition missions and the other is more the cargo transporter. Both are good looking with nice texturing done. You can also choose between a decent list of wheels.