95 GMC Crew Cab Dually


Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee This is the bigger version of the GMC dually that BT made a short while ago. This is a crew cab version which it is longer. Addons are the same as on its smaller brother and it comes with a good choice in wheels. Don’t be … Continue reading

G Bog Beast


Author: Bregel Source: Oovee Note: Reusing any assets of this mod are strictly prohibited. This is a distant cousin of the Mercedes G. It has the same hood but that is about all they share. This beast has a blower engine, massive tires and a stunning dashcam (no screenshot, go … Continue reading

1985 Dodge RamCharger


Author: Hazzard Source: Oovee Hazzard is a good example of a mod maker steadily becoming better and better. An example is this RamCharger he did. Excellent ride. Looks good and does the job properly which is too power through Americana style! Like this:Like Loading…

SID 1975 K5 Blazer


Author: SID Source: Oovee In need of a iconic American classic 4×4? Then take a look at this K5 Blazer. It comes in 9 different skins and 4 wheels to choose from. Excellent ride and it looks stunning in the morning sunlight. More text copied from Oovee forum: Thanks to … Continue reading

Mercedes G320 CDI Standard & Pickup Version


Author: Bregel Source: Oovee Two for the price of 1. A normal Merc G320 and a pickup version. Each with its own wheel sets. Roofrack and trailer can be added, also a bumper and snorkel can be added to the pickup. Amazing mods with a high level of detail on … Continue reading

Ural 4320-1982-40


Author:  OOVEE, ronnie, Dmitry, RedPow Source: vk.com A formidable truck this version of a double can Ural 4320. It has plenty of addons and wheels to choose from and can go from repair truck to cross country logging. Whatever you need this truck has it. Also features a good onboard … Continue reading

Nissan Patrol 2005


Author: Unknown, ronnie, HAG. Addons: ronnie, HAG. Wielen:. ronnie, HAG Load boards. hz888 Source: vk.com A really good mod of the Nissan Patrol 2005. Tires choices and addon choices plenty and the truck really does deliver when it comes to overcoming obstacles and mud etc Like this:Like Loading…

Tatra 813 truck trial


Author: Zidon / Patholog Source: Oovee The might Tatra 813 Trial truck brought to you by Zidon and Patholog. And it delivers big time. This truck can conquer almost any terrain ST has to offer. Try it out yourself to believe that fact. Three wheels to choose from plus a … Continue reading

Screamin Blue


Author: Stetson Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee: here’s Screamin Blue. there are two xmls. its not an exact copy of the real truck but its close. to install copy the media folder into spin tires, probably does not work in multiplayer(it may idk) specs(ingame): Standard.xml roughly 500hp chevy 383 … Continue reading

ZIL-131 + ZIL-137 active trailer


Author:Roman Sonchak Source: vk.com This is a excellent mod. The Zil 131 with default addons which does great in rough terrain. AND the might Zil 137 with active trailers. Meaning it has powered trailer wheels which help you through the thickest mud ST has to offer. It also adds 4 … Continue reading