🔵Ural 432010 M “Tungus


Author: CyMpak Features: -a large number of their Addons+default -4 kinds of wheels synchronization of light -my sound -original texture Huge thanks for the new textures Psix19rus. Ispravlenie models of wheels from msergt. Individual synchronization of light in m\R, from (Bezons) Author of finalization:CyMpak Possible improvements of fashion!

Brute 99 GMC Toy


Author: BruteTerror This is just the kind of car you want when all you want it is to tear through a level at breakneck stupidity ;). It features multiple tires, some nice addons and a big 4×4 attitude.

SID 1972 Chevy K10


Author: SID I love this truck. It is a old school Chevy K10. Can be fitted with canoe :). And has amazing smooth ride through rough terrain. Besides that it just looks good going wherever you want it to go.

SID 2005 Ford Ranger SAS


Author: SID This may look as a mall crawler at first sight but don’t you worry. It has plenty of bite to grab onto the more rougher terrain available in Spin Tires, thanks to its Solid Axle Swap.

SID Ford Ranger Unlimited


Author: SID A very good and capable offroader. Can be fitted with a choice of two tires, standard and red trimmed. Do not need need much else cause this trucks hauls ass even over rought terrain.

Brute Bronco 6×6


Author: BruteTerorr We already that beastly 6×6 from SID and now BT joins in with his rendition of what a 6×6 Bronco would look like. Not much info on this except a whole list of good looking tires to choose from and that it has very good off road capabilities.

Gantry crane


Author: unknown (if you know let me know) This is a mod unlike any other. With this one you can add a crane to the game which can pick up wood or trucks. Using the regular keys you can move the crane on its tracks and operate the grabber. Do … Continue reading