Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Monster truck


Author: ChameleonHUM Source: This one classifies as just weird as anything out there. It is a Lambo Sesto Elemento Monster truck. Try it out on any of the raceway tracks for fun! Like this:Like Loading…



Author: Model and textures: a-50 Black Shark (DCS), OOVEE, ronnie. Addons: OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: OOVEE, ronnie. Source: This is something new in Spin Tires. A mod with a so called active trailer, meaning it has a driveshaft which powers the wheels. Which is not something i have seen before in … Continue reading

CUCV M1008


Author: Eclipe81 Source: Oovee Credits : Base Model and Texture by Brettkillpack Finish modeling, interior, TSLs by Eclipse Engine gearing by Pressureline XML Suspension setup by SID Testing, Serious, Blackwater Copied text from Oovee: Chevy CUCV M1008 1-1/4ton Military 4×4 Complete with 6.2 Diesel, stock 31in tires and 36 Super … Continue reading

Brute Peterbilt 379


Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee Textures Spun Testing, Spun, Serious, Arya Suun. ** text copied from Oovee** I Give you my Peterbilt 379.. With Custom Add-ons And support for all stock add-ons 11 Skins to chose from By Spun Includes A Clear Cache. This Clear Cache Dose not delete your saved … Continue reading



Author: no clue Source: Yet another cool russian car. The vaz-2131. Can be fitted with a list of different wheel types and body addons transforming it from street car into offroad menace. Does a good job at offroading but tends to tip over easily, be carefull when driving! Like … Continue reading

SID 1987 Jeep YJ


Author: SID Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee forum: THIS MOD WILL DISABLE ACHIEVMENTS AND MP This mod comes with 4 diferent skins in multiple colors. Click here for instructions on how to change skins. Thanks to Hein @ for the test drive and shake down. Your imput is … Continue reading



Author:Author lorry original model: unknown (if you know – write)Author textures, some models: OOVEE in st13 Author: Arthur Vomov.Max Dmitriev Source: A dual axle version of the GAZ AA this is a nice truck to drive. It has 6×4 so it can go the distance but not as far … Continue reading

General Lee


Author: HazzardMod Source: Oovee This is a true Redneck car. The General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard is just ment to have fun on a dirt track. So download this truck and the Blackwater Raceway and have fun! If you feel the gears are not good for you then edit … Continue reading