ST14 – MAZ 7310 addons

Author: unknown Source: This tweak enhances the capabilities for the Maz 7310 wrecker. It can now not only tow a truck but it can also be fitted with a fuel cisteren, open and tent loading bed or a big trailer to haul around the smaller Maz 537 truck.

ST14 – Cistern Trailer Monster

Tweaker: Prereq: Ural Polyarnik + Ural Polyarnik Orange Skin Yes this does not do MP or achievements. This is a tweak of the default fuel cistern trailer from Spin Tires. When you install the two prereqs you can download the zip from this post. Unzip it and then insert … Continue reading

ST14 – Camera Cabin View

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee A lot of moaning and groaning the last few weeks has been about the camera within the game. Although inventive and new it was not what everyone liked, can't please them all right. So, while waiting for Oovee get around to fixing this, a modder … Continue reading

ST14 – Gearbox graphics

Author: Dexadrinne Source: Oovee The manual gearstick in Spin Tires can be used to shift gears manually. But did you know there is a number of gears you can use? I did not until this mod appeared. It clearly display the number of gears available for you. And when you … Continue reading

ST14 – Ural Polyarnik

Author: Priotrek Pere / Gabe / Johncage Source: Oovee Priotrek is the main creator of the beast of a Ural. The idea was to create a polar expedition type of ural and he succeeded with the help of Gabe and Johncage. Its not entirely real life accurate as the rear … Continue reading


Tweaker: Alex Ryskal Source: Oovee Doesn't support MP and achievements. The Ural is a mighty truck to begin with but this tweak makes a bit more can-go-anywhere. Here is what you get with this tweak:  

ST14 – UAZ 29232

Author: Ha3ap Tweaker: Source: So this is the Uaz 29232 truck with trailer. The original zip i got from modfiles contained the uaz but somehow the wheels came out wrong whenever i installed it. So i ended up tweaking the xml for both the truck and the trailer … Continue reading

ST14 – Kamaz 6522 Tweak

Found this while roaming the big web. On someone posted this lifted Kamaz 6522 with changed highway tires. They do look better and the truck does get less damage due it being lifted somewhat. It can do offroad but sometimes needs a little help as you can see in the … Continue reading

ST14 – Modified ZIL 130

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee This package contains a modifief ZIL 130. It does wonders to that beaten up old truck. Among other things you can choose which wheels to take, to have a log cart with crane or even extra lighting. Download it and have fun!