ST14 – Goodies for the Maz

Authors: Gabe and Marcel79 Source: Oovee The MAZ could use some TLC and with this package you can give it just that. New wheel set and a very good looking rollbar for the driver compartment.  

ST14 – Smoking tires

Tweaker: PressureLine Source: Oovee Forum A user on the Oovee forum asked if it were possible to have the tires smoke more, like they do in a burnout. PressureLine found out how by editing the lua files for the trucks. These are the steps to take in order to tweak … Continue reading

ST14 – Exhaust distortion

To edit the exhaust heat distortion do the following: Create the following folder structure: Media\Classes\Particles Create a new file called exhaust_heat.xml and edit it so it contains the following: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <CombineParticles AirResistance=”3.0″ Wind=”(0.1; 0.2; 0)” WindDivergence=”180″ SoftDepth=”0.2″ AspectRatio=”0.7″ AlignToVelocity=”true” IsDistortion=”true” > <Texture Diffuse=”sfx/particles/heat__n.tga” /> <Size Function=”(0.1; 0.6; 1.6)” Median=”0.2″ … Continue reading

ST14 – Winter is coming…

Source: Oovee Tweaker: Alexsander Sadovskiy Over at the Oovee forum a fan of the game is patiently editing his way through all the files of Spin Tires to give us a Winter Season scenery to drive around in. Its nearing completion and once it is done we can try our best … Continue reading

ST14 – Kraz Titan

Tweaker: Bombine33 Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: No Prereq: Man Titan by Arraial and Kraz 6316 by BruteTerror Warning: Overwrites the Kraz 6316 from BruteTerror. This tweak needs two other mods to come to life and wil overwrite the kraz 6316. But you then get the best of both worlds.. the awesome … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 7310 Trailers

Author: CMD Source: Oovee Copied text from Oovee To install the mod unzip the contents of the archive into the spintires directory. Does not disable MP and achievements but people without the mod will not see the trailers so take care. Other bugs may include not unlocking the garage unless … Continue reading

ST14 – MAZ 7310 addons

Author: unknown Source: This tweak enhances the capabilities for the Maz 7310 wrecker. It can now not only tow a truck but it can also be fitted with a fuel cisteren, open and tent loading bed or a big trailer to haul around the smaller Maz 537 truck.

ST14 – Cistern Trailer Monster

Tweaker: Prereq: Ural Polyarnik + Ural Polyarnik Orange Skin Yes this does not do MP or achievements. This is a tweak of the default fuel cistern trailer from Spin Tires. When you install the two prereqs you can download the zip from this post. Unzip it and then insert … Continue reading

ST14 – Camera Cabin View

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee A lot of moaning and groaning the last few weeks has been about the camera within the game. Although inventive and new it was not what everyone liked, can't please them all right. So, while waiting for Oovee get around to fixing this, a modder … Continue reading