Real mod

Author: PressureLine Source: Here PL has been with making gearbox calculator and now this. The Real mod. Basicly it adds real gearbox settings to the default trucks and lot more. Read the change log for more details: *** V4 *** Visuals – Removed hood/roof camera ‘ghost cam’ – You will … Continue reading

Bregel Hummer H2 6×6 Tweaked

Tweaker: Arya Suun Source: Oovee The Hummer H2 6×6 from Bregel is already an impressive vehicle but Arya has taken it a level higher when it comes to expedition style trucking. The car has had a ton of adjustments and tweaks. Here is the list: Separated rear wheels into Middle … Continue reading

Baja ’66 Chevy

Tweaker: Smithco Source: Oovee This is a tweak of a truck made by SID. Smithco has tweaked into a dirt track racer like we have not seen before in this game. Proving once again that Spin Tires has more to offer then just hauling logs around a map. There are … Continue reading

ST14 – Tuned SID Cherokee

Tweaker: Smithco Source: Oovee SID is known for his over the top off-road machines capable of ripping apart the landscape and cause mayhem in any off-road area. So what if you want the Cherokee SID made and want a more docile version. Get this one down tuned Cherokee tweaked by … Continue reading

ST14 – Goodies for the Maz

Authors: Gabe and Marcel79 Source: Oovee The MAZ could use some TLC and with this package you can give it just that. New wheel set and a very good looking rollbar for the driver compartment.  

ST14 – Smoking tires

Tweaker: PressureLine Source: Oovee Forum A user on the Oovee forum asked if it were possible to have the tires smoke more, like they do in a burnout. PressureLine found out how by editing the lua files for the trucks. These are the steps to take in order to tweak … Continue reading

ST14 – ZIL 130 Terminator

Author: xxx0371 Source: MP/Achievements: NO This is the evil twin of the Zil 130. Just look at the screenshots and download it. You will be in for a rough ride 🙂

ST14 – Exhaust distortion

To edit the exhaust heat distortion do the following: Create the following folder structure: Media\Classes\Particles Create a new file called exhaust_heat.xml and edit it so it contains the following: <?xml version=”1.0″?> <CombineParticles AirResistance=”3.0″ Wind=”(0.1; 0.2; 0)” WindDivergence=”180″ SoftDepth=”0.2″ AspectRatio=”0.7″ AlignToVelocity=”true” IsDistortion=”true” > <Texture Diffuse=”sfx/particles/heat__n.tga” /> <Size Function=”(0.1; 0.6; 1.6)” Median=”0.2″ … Continue reading

ST14 – Winter is coming…

Source: Oovee Tweaker: Alexsander Sadovskiy Over at the Oovee forum a fan of the game is patiently editing his way through all the files of Spin Tires to give us a Winter Season scenery to drive around in. Its nearing completion and once it is done we can try our best … Continue reading

ST14 – Kraz Titan

Tweaker: Bombine33 Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: No Prereq: Man Titan by Arraial and Kraz 6316 by BruteTerror Warning: Overwrites the Kraz 6316 from BruteTerror. This tweak needs two other mods to come to life and wil overwrite the kraz 6316. But you then get the best of both worlds.. the awesome … Continue reading