RoughRider Menu Pack April 2017

Author – RoughRider Source – OOVEE Ever felt like you needed to customise your home screen in Spin tires? Well now you can with these two new menu scenes from Rough Rider. The installation process is very simple and really does make the menu look 1000 times better. Although, it … Continue reading

Spin Tires Plus

Author: Localhost Source: Oovee Text from the author: SpintiresPlus is a collection of hacks for Spintires meant to alter some of the hardcoded elements. Features: v8: Forum thread -Constraints drivable outside the advanced menu -Speed improvement (mostly on menus) -Garage/fuel/objective/etc icons on the external minimap -Customizable truck-trailer link strength -New, … Continue reading

Remove bothersome textures

Unzip these to a folder and add to texturecache zip to remove the bothersome Mp ghost locator,film grain,dotted lines at garage and fuel areas and remove block border texture that rotates around the edge of the map… These are compatible in MP with or without spintires plus… anything in Texturecache … Continue reading

DCMT Rock Friction Fix

Author: DrGoNZo1489 This mod has been asked for by the community and so I’ve taken the liberty in releasing my version. This tweak increases the friction of the games “big_rock_a” model as well as the “small_rock_a-c” models and the “fallen_spruces” used by the plant distributions. Installs with JSGME just extract … Continue reading

M1008 Tweak

Tweaker: Justin Lee Bower Original Mod: Justin did the 1008 justice with this tweak. He added wheels, adjusted suspension and made the gearing better suited for offroad. If you liked the original mod then you will also like this tweak of that mod.  

Clear Cache

Author: brain child of many veteran users 🙂 This is a small yet elegant batch file which takes care of one nasty task you sometimes have to perform. And no i don’t mean doing diapers or wrestling a skunk. It flushes the game cache for Spin Tires in case you … Continue reading

Tweak – Toms Uaz

Tweaker: Tombuggy Source: Oovee Try this tweaked uaz if you feel the old one just does not cut it. It has tweaked suspension, engine and better wheels. Original 3D model – OOVEE Wheels and tires – TATTOO Suspension and Gearbox – TOMBUGGY It is indeed a improved uaz and fun … Continue reading

Deblur hoodcam/dashcam

Author: PressureLine (thanks!) I have been asked this before and here it is. The custom media.xml file that takes care of the removing the blur effect when you are using the camera from the inside of the mod. It changes the camera focus setting to the interior or outside of … Continue reading


Author: PressureLine Basicly this “hack” changes how some maps work in the game when it comes to which vehicles are at your disposal. Changes the gameplay a lot. Be sure to use this in tandem with RealMod! *** V1 *** – Hill – B-130 with Utility Attachment changed to D-535 … Continue reading