Gearbox calculator spreadsheet

Author: PressureLine Source: Oovee Things have changed a little since v6, so here’s a quick rundown of how things work: Data Entry: The only vales that you will need to change are in the Green boxes. Depending on your regional settings you may need to use ‘,’ as your decimal … Continue reading

Crane operating guide

Author: KrisJay Source: Steam +++ Posted with permission from KrisJay +++ Thank you for choosing to read this guide. We at Crane Operations Ltd. hope this colourful guide will be helpful to many desperate people who would like to learn more about operating the crane in the all new and … Continue reading

ST14 – Upgrading exisiting full game mods

Spin Tires has been available on Steam for a while now and has seen some changes along the way in how filenames should be done etc. To run a mod without glitches in the latest available Spin Tires version check the following list: Open all xml files that come with a … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building over a big river

Crossing the river in the river map can be tricky sometimes, so why not build a bridge! Check this out by using multiple pillars and a lot of logs it can be done. Source: LincArro

ST14 – Steam Achievements

When you are playing Spin Tires you can in various ways collect Steam Achievements for Spin Tires. And here they are. I copied this from the Steam page of viKey I could not find how to contact this person so if he or she reads this please let me know if … Continue reading

ST14 – Vehicle description

The full game gives us a choice of vehicles to use, each map has its own set of vehicles. But which one are they and what can a truck or car do. Here is a list of the cars you get when you buy Spin Tires on Steam. Data extracted … Continue reading