Spintires: Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game.

Spintires: Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game.

Introduction: There have been a good few maps that have included custom made objects for use when people make their own. There are tutorials on this online such as Youtube but sometimes this can be hard to follow, especially if they do not use a mic or give clear instructions. … Continue reading

Removing Mud Chunks On Tires

Author – SmarOneNine Author Comments: So I’m really surprised at the number of people who ask me ‘Why I don’t have Mud Chunks on my tires in videos?’ It’s really easy to remove, Heres how….. Go into Mudrunner Directory > Meshcache.ZIP folder > and You wanna Delete the File Called … Continue reading

Spintires (MudRunner) Mod – The New Spintires Plus for MudRunner!

We all remember Spintires Plus for being a convenient way of implementing features that the developers were unwilling implement. Unfortunately, the creator of Spintires Plus (Local Host) decided not to support MudRunner. Luckily, we have a new person who decided to pick up where Spintires Plus left off and somehow … Continue reading

Installing MudRunner Maps

The site has been dormant for a while but we are about ready to start firing on all cylinders once again. Stand by for a bunch of maps and mods to be uploaded in the coming weeks. Installing Maps on Spintires: MudRunner follows roughly the same process that it always … Continue reading

Complete video guide to creating custom Spintires: MudRunner Maps

Have you ever wanted to make a custom map but was lost with where to start? Well luckily our friends Nix and Jay have been busy creating a very in-depth tutorial for making maps. They have managed to break it down it to an easy step by step guide that … Continue reading

Marijn & Tattoo Spring Weight Tool V2 – Spintires Modding Resource

Authors – Tattoo, Marijn This is the updated version of Marijn’s Spring Weight tool. It fixes all bugs that existed with the last one. This tool is useful for both the aspiring Spintires Modder or the experienced. Really easy to use and well worth the download. How to install Spring Weight Tool … Continue reading

How to install Spintires Maps

Today we are going to look at one of the basics of spin tires. adding maps. This question comes up a lot so today I hope to make a guide that somewhat simplifies the process for you. Before anything I would have a map handy so you can install it. … Continue reading

Proper Texture Extensions

Proper Texture Extensions For Spintires 03.03.16 Written Up by Draconus ————————————– Ive seen alot of mods coming out on sites and also on workshop of improper texture extensions being used or none at all so decided id help a bit and do a write up on this …….For the Vee … Continue reading

Add backsteer to center pivot trucks

The K700, Ponnse Buffalo,T-150 and XPEN all share the same common thing. They pivot at their center. Which makes for awkward steering because they do not have automatic backsteer. When you go round a corner the truck does not auto align its wheels in one line automatically, you have to … Continue reading