ST14 – First Snow

Author: Rustam Kashapov Source: MP/Achievements: Should work There is already a winter season  but this mod is worth it to be downloaded. It takes a little different approach where it does not cover everything in snow. Instead it makes it look like the first snow has fallen leaving mud … Continue reading

ST14 – Winter Season

Tweaker: Alexsander Sadovksiy Source: MP/Achievements: Should stil work Just in time for the winter comes this tweak from Alexsander which turns Spin Tires into Winter Wonderland. Download the zip. Extract it and copy the Media and file into the Spintires folder overwriting what needs to be overwritten. This … Continue reading

ST14 – Winter is coming…

Source: Oovee Tweaker: Alexsander Sadovskiy Over at the Oovee forum a fan of the game is patiently editing his way through all the files of Spin Tires to give us a Winter Season scenery to drive around in. Its nearing completion and once it is done we can try our best … Continue reading

ST14 – Enhanced Graphics – SweetFX

Source: Oovee Upload at Oovee and tweaked for the game by Kapuch this is SweetFX which is basicly a graphics enhancements. To give you example here are some screenshots: And if you prefer brighter color settings then download the following zip. It does the following to your ST.

ST14 – New Bridge Physics

Author: Anders Source: Oovee MP/Achievements: Yes (probably) This is a mod you want to install right now. It changes the physics of the wooden bridges. It makes them more realistic because they now can break when the vehicle is too heavy for the bridge. Excellent tweak for when you need … Continue reading

ST14 – Summer river

Author: Nicossalonso The idea of this little tweak is to make the river appear more like it would in the summer. Nice idea of Nicossalonso. It does involve editing one of the xml files of the game so no clue what this will do to mp or achievements. Download the … Continue reading