Test drive – Uaz 469 2.0

This was a treat to test. A completely redone uaz 469. It looks better, rides better and the immersion is just so much more then the default uaz. This one has multiple tires to choose from, several addons to choose from. You can transport logs inside the uaz provided you … Continue reading

Test drive – 66 Chevy Truggy

This morning started out great. With a new build from SID in the shape of a 66 Chevy Truggy just screaming for trail driving and rock crawling. This is one amazing car to look at it and it drives just great, i never felt it needed to go out of … Continue reading

Test drive – SID LR 90 duo on Diamondback map

Two for one test drive today. SID made a couple of fun Landrover 90 mods, one open top and one hardtop, and Nix_909 is busy creating a new map tailor-made for rock crawling called Diamondback. So instead of creating two separate posts i tested the 90’s on the map 🙂 … Continue reading

Test drive – Landrover Discovery 1997

JimsMods is busy creating one of my real cars (until it did break down). The iconic Landrover Discovery from 1997. It definately looks like mine, same colour even, and it really does ride real good i must say. It has a trailer to attach with spare parts, always a good … Continue reading

Test drive – NW Trails

MoeRon is cooking something in his map kitchen. Something that goes by the name of NW Trails. And by the looks of it this map is going to make a lot of trail lovers very happy. The map is far from finished but already has a good feel to it. … Continue reading

Test drive – Jeep Willy rebuild

SID came across a jeep on Youtube called the Ugly jeep. And decided to do a rebuild of the Willy’s jeep. And with success because this is one fun jeep to drive around any map. It can crawl over some pretty nasty terrain, with some winching. It drives nice and … Continue reading

Test drive – Gonzo’s Rock Bouncer Map

This map is for one type of car only. The Rock Bouncers. Crawlers could have fun here too but this map is more aimed towards brute strength and bouncing your way up a mountain as high as you can get. definitely something else and a lot of fun. He’s included … Continue reading

Test drive – Ford Transit crawler

JimsMods is new on the Oovee forum but busy making mods for us to enjoy. He is currently working on this crawler based on a Ford Transit. Basicly the cab of a Transit van with the bodywork of a crawler. Large wheels can fitted easily on this truck as you … Continue reading

Test drive – Luto map

This was a nice test drive. Lexxuzzz is working on another map and its called Luto. It features boggy areas, tight forest roads, trails and rolling hills of grass (you could almost hear the Sound of Music being interupted by the roar of a beefed up UAZ thundering past). The … Continue reading

Test drive – Monster Truck in the rain

A dual test drive this time. The newest version of the Rain mod by Draconus and a Monster Truck being worked on by BruteTerror. The rain mod is nearing its completion and looks really good. Thanks to SID it also has the sound of thunderstruck in the distance and Draconus … Continue reading