Test drive – 1986 Toyota Hilux SR5

{DCMT} Thunderduck is working on this little beauty. A 1986 Toyota Hilux SR5 with a really big add-on list which ranges from cabs to wheels and from camper addons to brushguards. Fun for the whole family so to speak. I did a test drive to shake out any defects, found some and … Continue reading

Test drive – W200 Crawler

Brute is busy in his workshop creating this beast. A W200 crawler with camo paint. I did a test drive with it and this crawler lives up to its name. It crawls just about anywhere you want it to go. Really good on low gears and low speed. When ready … Continue reading

SID Chevy ZR2

SID asked me to do a test drive and when he does ask me i don’t hesitate. Glad i did not hesitate now because this Chevy ZR2 is a off road beast. It has no problem with the w.i.p. Perdido map from Lexxuzzz at all. Crawls through mud easy and … Continue reading

Test drive – Dense Forest (work title)

This i got this morning from none other than Bregel. Yes, the Bregel. Who we know for delivering eye candy mods like the Toyota FJ40 and the Mercedes G series. And now he is also getting a feel for what it means to build a level. And this map is … Continue reading

Preview – Spin Tires UHD

I got some eye candy to share with you. Spintires is good too look at but it can always be done better. And that is exactly what Draconus has been busy with. He has been painstakingly going through all the graphics files for the game. Tweaking and tuning them into … Continue reading

Test drive – Perdido

This was a nice test drive. I got access to a new map by Lexxuzzz called Perdido. If that is the definitive name i don’t know but it means Lost according to Google Translate. And you can get lost on this map because it is just stunning to look at. It … Continue reading

Test drive – Old Skool Kamaz

Remember the good old tech demo days? Remember that pretty amazing kamaz truck we all loved to do package pickup with? Well thanks to Gabe_2.0 we can now have that Kamaz in the game. A little more tweaking and testing is left to be done but when it is released … Continue reading

Test drive – upgraded FJ40 pack

Today began good. Got a package from Bregel delivered on my digital doorstep with a very nice content. Christmas came early this year in the form of a rebuild stock FJ40 which no longer crashes the game when you exit and then start Spin Tires. PLUS a very cool looking … Continue reading

Test drive – Improved 1976 Toyota Hilux

1976 Toyota Hilux, original mesh and textures by Rhys Trappet, conversion and addons by Pressureline PL is busy creating this little beauty. A 76 Toyota Hilux with some extra such as logs can be loaded, repair crates, garage crates and two fuel barrels. The truck is 2wd and that gives … Continue reading

Test drive – Forwarder Ponsse 8×8 2.0

PressureLine is having a ball converting this into the latest_stable. The Forwarder Ponsse 8×8. A really good looking 8×8 logging vehicle which can handle most terrain easily with its 8×8 traction and flexible body. Converting this puppy is not a easy task so we should all say thank you to PressureLine for … Continue reading