ST14 – URAL POLYARNIK – Orange Skin

Skinner: Adsumus Source: This is a nice orange skin for the Ural made by Piotrek Pere. This one skin transforms the Ural into a big bad orange truck. Copied from Zagruzak mods – multiplayer and achievements not working; – replaces Ural; – Wheels now get dirty; – repainted cab … Continue reading

ST14 – Bridge building material

Author: Anders Ørum Source: Oovee Anders has created this nice mod which enables you too really build a proper log bridge. What he did is up the numbers of logs you spawn when you loose a load. Which can then be picked up for bridge building. Short logs: From 6- 20 … Continue reading

ST14 – Rock load

Author: Vorkir Source: Oovee Thanks to Vorkir we can now load our trucks with small or large rocks. Which can potentially be used to dam a river..  Drive carefully as the rocks can damage a truck when they bump around. And you may need to edit your dumper xml to … Continue reading

ST14 – Spintires Launcher

Author: MarijnS95 Source: Oovee Copied from Oovee Easy to use Save manager for SpinTires IMPORTANT, read this first!! Be warned, if you start a new map of the same type previous progress is lost, so save a map before you start a new one!! (that is where this save manager/launcher … Continue reading