Map – Rail Road Builder

Author: V12 Source: right here This is a new map from V12 and it is yet again amazing in details. Lots of custom objects used and there is even a sort of storyline for it. As V12 himself explained it: “This piece is “railroad building supplier” – You need deliver … Continue reading

Map – GES

Author: V12 Source: Another map from V12. This time it has a massive hydro electric dam which you have to cross first to get to the rest of the map. This can be a bit tricky in the uaz so i swapped that for the H2 6×6 ;). Great … Continue reading

MAP – Dakar

Author: V12 Source: If you just want to drive around in the sand for a bit you will want this map. Lots of sand and dunes to drive on but be carefull. Do not go to fast up a hill or you will end up flying your truck into … Continue reading

ST14 – Desert Challenge Map

Author: V12 Source: Here This map holds something for those who love to watch the Dakar Rally. Lots of sand and mud to try and plow through with a truck. Good fun to to try and make your own routen off the beaten track. Latest stable by: King Unique