Level – Tatra Story Directors Cut

Author: Tata007007 A reworked version of the original TATRA Story map. Fully functional in the latest stable and with some new features and gameplay. Go ahead, download it and explore. Just watching these screenshots is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this gorgeous map.

Level – TATA H.E.L.L.

Author: Tata007007 Nothing to say.. except for this. If you decide to go logging on this map be prepared to calm your nerves first and keep in mind you are about to enter one of the most annoying maps to go logging on. Which in a sense is good thing … Continue reading

Map – TATA Story

Author: tata007007 A new map for the legacy version of the game by Tata007007 and it is amazing. He did a lot of work on the textures used on the map and the whole package is ready for use with JSGME. I could write up a whole article describing the beauty … Continue reading

Map – Tatra Story

Author: tata007007 Tatra Story map – 18.10.2015 Single player: 1.If you want complete this map, swap please only this thrucks: – Maz 535 – Tatra 815 TerrNo1 2. Notes for manual load: – 1xBig Stump = 6 short logs = 2 points of objective – 1xLog Heap = 6 short … Continue reading