Level – Smed’s Moab

Author: Smed Ok, now i am used to playing some pretty impressive maps. I know quite a few amazing people who have this unique skill to make maps that you just play over and over again. NTSR, Blackwater_CA, Dexter Paris to name a few. And now Smed send me this. … Continue reading

Level – Cahaba Valley

Author: Smed1981 Info from author: Cahaba Valley map has been designed to have as many great views as possible and still have a very natural look. The trails for the most part aren’t as crazy as my usual stuff but still plenty of challenge to go around. There is one … Continue reading

Level – Diablo Trails

Author: Smed1981 Text from author: I present Diablo Trails. This map has crazy hill climbs, rock sections, mud sections and hidden side trails. It has been a lot of fun to build and test. It is my third map and is definitely an improvement over the first two maps. If … Continue reading

Level – Offroad Challenge

Author: Smed1981 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author: Just like the title suggest if you enjoy a challenge then this is the map for you. I highly recommend modded vehicles. This time around the map is 32×32 and packed with trails. Most of the trails I would consider to … Continue reading

Level – Gulley

Author: Smed1981 Source: Oovee Info and screenshots by author: This map has a wide variety of terrains. At the beginning there is a logging road you can take or a 4×4 trail both of which lead to a lake crossing. After that there are three main ways to go. To … Continue reading