ST14 – Russian Road Map

Author: Evil Source: This is another big map. Called the Russian Road is it is muddy and a challenge to get from a to b. Nice dense forest and it just has that authentic backwater feel to it. I took the upgraded MTVR 8×8 out for a spin on … Continue reading

ST14 – The Umpqua Map

Author: Honda Tadakatsu Source: Steam Latest stable by: King Unique Well this is a BIG map. With a nasty start to say the least. You start with the truck dumped in the river, then switch to the truck on the land and use that one to winch the drowned truck out. … Continue reading

ST14 – Sent Map

Author: Tomaž Selčan Source: Not sure what to name this but since the level file is named sent i might as well name it Sent. The name does not matter much. What does matter is the detail in this level. Its of a high quality. And the starting point … Continue reading

ST14 – Privolzhe Map

Author: Rustam Sharafutdinov Source: Another new map for the game is this Privolzhe map. Not sure what that means but it does mean a lot of fun and challenges. The scenery is well put together and you will have fun exploring the woods. Screenshots from and not made … Continue reading

ST14 – High res maps

Author: Stonelouse Source: Oovee For the maps currently avaible in the game we now have high resolution maps for you to use. If you want to make the game even more difficult the use these maps to plot your course instead of using F1.