Map – Canyon

Author: no107064 Source: Zidon Download and enjoy a big big map with lots of objects to conquer. Hill climbs and even an insane bridge to get across. This map provides tons of fun for everyone looking for a good time in Spin Tires. Try it to know why i enjoyed the … Continue reading

Map – Serpentine

Author: unknown Source: This is a map true to its name. Long winding forest roads which go up and down and left and right. For those with fear of heights it might present another challenge besides logging 🙂 Latest stable by: King Unique

Map – Brooks

Author: Dmitry Shipitsin Source: Decent size map with a lot of room for exploring. And also, and this i like a lot, new objects like a actual hangar with a fuel point inside. All adding to the realism of the game. Nice job Dmitry! Latest stable by: King Unique … Continue reading

Map – Dangerous Firs

Author: Snay190 Source: Oovee This is quite a nice map with lots of treacherous mountain roads alongside steep hills and deep valleys. Lots of ground to explore. I did a quick tour for the screenshots but i am not finished yet exploring this new map. Can be used with the … Continue reading

Map – Pine Forest

Author: Marcel79 Source: right here The Pine Forest map is a bit of a challenge. Yes the garage on the map is locked, but you can unlock it. First you have to unlock a truck and then use that truck to rescue the truck stranded in the water. Challenging map, not … Continue reading

Map – The Plateau

Author: BloodHarvester Source: Oovee Latest stable by: King Unique Yet another map for the legacy version. Built with leaked map tools but still very welcome! The map features some large hills, rocky areas and a lot of ground to explore and decloak. I wrecked the Hummer H2 6×6 while trying … Continue reading

ST14 – Desert Challenge Map

Author: V12 Source: Here This map holds something for those who love to watch the Dakar Rally. Lots of sand and mud to try and plow through with a truck. Good fun to to try and make your own routen off the beaten track. Latest stable by: King Unique

ST14 – Mysterious Road v2

Author: Igor Viktorov Source: This is a nice big map with a lot of new object on it like houses, sheds, abandoned trucks, skyscrapers,water towers, bridges etc etc. You even get some trucks with this package like the Landcruiser. Which explains why this map package is quite large. Still … Continue reading

ST4 – The 101 Map

Author: unknown Source: This is  oddly shaped map as it is rectangular in shape. Not the best map out there but certainly worth driving on. This map was made with the leaked map tools. The game was updated to counteract those maps. But you can still use it when … Continue reading