Map – Heart

Author: Jonsnow (Emre54) A heart shaped island group surrounded by lots of forest is what you get this with this map. It is wel designed and not ment for a sunday drive through the forest, you will have to work the truck to get from a to b. Nicely done map … Continue reading

Map – Labyrinth

Author: Eugene Dimitris This is a map with a theme of its own. Not forest themed but very urban. So urban in fact you get lost in this map pretty quickly. Basicly it is a big maze. With some flooded streets, sandy dunes and lots and lots of tall buildings. It … Continue reading

Map – Ostrova

Author: Andrew Atastyrov A nice forest map this time. Big stream of water which you are able to cross with big trucks, although the Raakry had no problem with. The level design is basic but this map should offer you some challenges when crossing the river loaded with logs. Latest stable … Continue reading

Map – Tajga

Author: Unknown Source: here This is a map representing the Taiga area of Russia, which means lots of water and mud to go through. The map has a good level design and offers fun from normal to hardcore drivers. It has one major flaw, it cannot be used with mods. … Continue reading

Map – Tunguska crater

Author: no107064 Source: here This is a BIG download. Almost 800mb in size. And its worth the download time trust me on that. The map is gorgeous to drive through. Lots of custom object, stunning scenery and routes to explore. This is the map package without custom mods (trucks) so you … Continue reading

Map – Rail Road Builder

Author: V12 Source: right here This is a new map from V12 and it is yet again amazing in details. Lots of custom objects used and there is even a sort of storyline for it. As V12 himself explained it: “This piece is “railroad building supplier” – You need deliver … Continue reading

Map – Ukraine & Russia

Author: unknown Source: A small map with just enough variation to keep the average player happy for a short logging run. It has some terrain challenges to try and you haul logs. Not much more to say about, it’s small so download it and use for when you only … Continue reading

Map – Sandy Coast

Author: no107064 Source: Oovee A good map with lots of ground to explorer, yes its big, and a lot of decloaking to be done. It has twists and turns, custom object, lots of sand, forest and mud. Fun for the whole family! * 4-3-2015 * Lumber mill fix map uploaded … Continue reading

Map – Birch Woods

Author: A High Hamster Source: Oovee Another AHH map. With some really nice scenery among which a nice waterfall crossing a path which has a vertical drop next to it. Excellent map for the more skilled driver. A good challenge in hardcore mode. Tip: do NOT try and take a … Continue reading

Map – Villages

Author: yaubasarow.ravil Source: This is a tricky map, at least the beginning is. You start with a maz 535 with an almost empty fuel tank. That you have to get to the nearest other truck before running out of fuel. Good luck with that. After this is done you have a … Continue reading