Map – Project X

Author: Blackwater_CA Available in legacy and latest stable version this is the Blackwater Project X map. Ment for fun and without any logging objectives. Just take out your fastest truck and start racing this map making big jumps! If you like what you see then please consider a small donation … Continue reading

Map – Na Lesopoval

Author: Dimon43 Not a big map this one and rectangular in shape but nonetheless entertaining. Deeply rutted mud paths present a nice challenge for any logging truck trying to get to its destination. Custom object such as houses and fuel station are used and even the rocks do offer some minor … Continue reading

Map – Nasha

Author: Alexey Ananyev Sweet little map this one. Good for some leisure logging trips. Or to race it with the Raakry like i did. It has forest tracks, tarmac and mud pits. Also a very nicely done stream with bridges and rocks in it. Not a big map but a enjoyable … Continue reading

Map – The Tunnel

Author: V12 The tunnel is a map with lots of custom object such as houses, brick buildings, fences and so on. It also includes a *drumroll* tunnel to go through. Which can now be done using the new hoodcam. Lots of terrain to explorer on this map and it offers … Continue reading

Map – Heart

Author: Jonsnow (Emre54) A heart shaped island group surrounded by lots of forest is what you get this with this map. It is wel designed and not ment for a sunday drive through the forest, you will have to work the truck to get from a to b. Nicely done map … Continue reading

Map – Labyrinth

Author: Eugene Dimitris This is a map with a theme of its own. Not forest themed but very urban. So urban in fact you get lost in this map pretty quickly. Basicly it is a big maze. With some flooded streets, sandy dunes and lots and lots of tall buildings. It … Continue reading

Map – Ostrova

Author: Andrew Atastyrov A nice forest map this time. Big stream of water which you are able to cross with big trucks, although the Raakry had no problem with. The level design is basic but this map should offer you some challenges when crossing the river loaded with logs. Latest stable … Continue reading

Map – Tajga

Author: Unknown Source: here This is a map representing the Taiga area of Russia, which means lots of water and mud to go through. The map has a good level design and offers fun from normal to hardcore drivers. It has one major flaw, it cannot be used with mods. … Continue reading

Map – Tunguska crater

Author: no107064 Source: here This is a BIG download. Almost 800mb in size. And its worth the download time trust me on that. The map is gorgeous to drive through. Lots of custom object, stunning scenery and routes to explore. This is the map package without custom mods (trucks) so you … Continue reading