Level – Compound

Author: MadGhost3251 Source: Oovee This map has 6 startup trucks and 2 fuel points, its a very small map but i do still have plans for a bigger version down the road. v2 -Map Completely reworked -Custom objects added -Objective removed -logs kiosk added to compound area (no purpose)

Level – Crawl

Author: MadGhost3251 Source: Oovee This author is rapidly improving himself. This map is just fun if you want to test your crawling skills over rocks, through mud and dense forest or up a steep hill towards the bridge. Really enjoyed playing this map, which explains the amount of screenshots.

Level – Homeland

Author: MadGhost3251 Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee: A small map that will keep objective players busy for awhile Story: A massive storm has left your Lumber Yard underwater but its business as usual you have 3 large orders to fill to keep “afloat” pun intended, When your done with that … Continue reading