Level – Shuda-Wuda-Cuda


Author: Spoke01 MAP MOD INFO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game Title: Spintires (03/03/16 version) Title Of Map: Shuda-Cuda-Wuda Filename of Map: level_scw_v1a.rar Filename Size (.rar compressed): 49,095 KB File Creation Date: 04\11\16 Type of Map: Logging Exploration Trails: Yes Grid Size of Map: 32×32 Add-Ons List: N/A (includes all default objects, trucks. etc.) … Continue reading

Level – West Virginia


Author: spoke01 WEST VIRGINIA MAP MOD INFO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game Title: Spintires (03/03/16 version) Title: West Virginia Filename: level_west_virginia.rar (v1.0) File Creation Date: 04\20\16 Type: Discovery & Logging Exploration Trails: Yes Grid Size: 32×32 (64×64) Custom Made Items: 0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 2 Lumber Stations: 1 Lumber Objective Stations: 3 … Continue reading

Level – Mudgett


Author: This map was made with the map editor released on steam. There are a lot of roads and bridges as well as a river and some lakes. I hope this is as enjoyable to others as it is to me. It is the largest size allowed by the editor … Continue reading

Level – HAKSTrails2


Author: Tregot Source: Oovee Text from author: Large map of trails only. No objectives, no cloaking. Features miles of twisty tight trails surround by lush forest and some very large trees. Low lying areas have crystal clear water to drive through. Lots of small rocks to boulders to drive over … Continue reading

Level – DPI Tihomir Forest


Author: Dexter Paris Source: Oovee Text from author: »Tihomir Forest« offers two interesting routes through a dense forest in a beautiful detailed and realistic scenery. This map is designed for hauling short logs with 6×6 trucks to experience a maximum of driving pleasure. Features 2 lumberyards including 1 crane truck … Continue reading

Level – Dondykar


Author: Eugene VG Source:  vk.com Typical map, nothing special to it but it will keep you occupied for a bit. 1 garage – 1 felling – 1 point manual loading – 3 sawmill – 1 slot machine – 1 dressing – 5 points of intelligence

Level – Comp Crawl


Author: Nix_909 If you like to crawl, with a truck, then get a look at this level. It has nothing to do with logging and all to do with crawling along rocks and steep inclines, through water and mud and everything in between. Just a fun map for those who … Continue reading

Map – Siberia


Author: Pixelherder Latest stable by: King Unique Short and beuatifull map which represent Siberia in Russia. Forest tracks and shallow river beds which can be used for a shortcut route. It has all the ingredients for a short logging run and still give you all the fun you need. Thanks … Continue reading

Level – Aussie 4×4 Deathroads


Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Inspired by the Bolivian Death Road this is a map for those who like a good towing challenge or just to explore a trail to see where it goes. Also logging is possible on this map but who would want to go logging on a death … Continue reading