Level – Deep Valley


Author: Aussie4x4Pro Source: Oovee This map is a crawling map lot of crazy tracks LOTS of fun I have put logging in this for all u logging fans but i would use a small trucks few rock crawls IN GAME: !. Two garage one locked 2. three objective 3.one lumber … Continue reading

Level – DCMT Raceway


Author: DrGoNzO1489 This is a teaser map from the DCMT crew. Motorsport themed it is a map best suited for PreRunners like the ZR2 prerunner in the screenshots. Might be a good idea to use the SpinTires Plus addon to get rid of the damage ;). It’s a teaser so you … Continue reading

Level – Grand Canyon


Author: Johnnybravo(aka)FREDDY Source: Oovee this map is what I think the grand canyon would look like I have only ever seen pics so yeah any way have fun on the trails and there is a lil bit in this map for everyone even a small prerunners track big shout out … Continue reading

Level – High Country


Author: Drifticidal Source: Oovee This is an open map for exploration loosely based on some of the high country ranches around the area I live in. There are plenty of trails to follow but the premise of the map is exploration so it is fairly open for you to travel … Continue reading

Level – Trail Club


Author: 89cherokeelimited This map is a lot of trails with challenges and obstacles like mud pits, hill climbs, river crossings, hill descents, rock crawling, and some hidden trails to get another vehicle around to help winch stuck vehicles. There are hidden mud areas also. Some of the hidden mud is … Continue reading

Level – Yugoland


Author: lukasz98/ŁP Description by author: So, there are a lot of Russian or USA themed maps, but for some reason no one ever made Balcanic one, despite off-road popularity of this region. And here it is. Info- Size: 32×32 Trucks: 4 Urals, 1 MAZ 535, 1 MAZ 7340, 1 Zil 130, … Continue reading

Level – Heavens gate


Author: Spoke01 HEAVEN’S GATE MAP INFO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game Title: …..Spintires (03/03/16 version) Title: …..Heaven’s Gate (v1.1) File Creation Date: …..05\09\16 Type: ….. Logging for Solo and Multi players Roads, Trails & Paths: …..A few Grid Size: …..32×32 (64×64) Custom Made Items: …..0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1 Lumber Stations: 1 … Continue reading