Level – Primorie


Author: BOCTOK 25RUS This map is what you need if you want to do some logging in a flooded area. Really good layout and lots of interesting areas to discover. Tip: use a big truck with big wheels or getting anywhere will be sloooooooow.

Level – Muradyum


Author: Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav) Source: stmods.ru I can write up something but the guys at stmods.ru did a good job already so here goes: Map “Muradymskoe Gorge” – another picturesque corner of the highlands! Archived two “level_muradyum” Card (light) and “level_muradyum_hard” (complex). On the map: 3 slots for your mods … Continue reading

Level – Quiet Dell


Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Text by author: Quiet Dell (v1.0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game: …………………….Spintires (03/03/16 version) File Creation Date: ……08\09\16 Type: ………………………Single player logging Grid Size: …………………8×8 Custom Made Items: …0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1x Lumber Stations: 1 x Log Kiosks: 1x Lumber Objective Stations: 2x Garage Stations: 1x (unlocked) … Continue reading

Level – Heavens Gate V2


Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Screenshot and text by author: Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED “Heaven’s Gate” v2.0 – (compressed using 7z) . This is the map I tried to do when I created the original Heaven’s Gate v1.1. Now that I’m a bit more experience in using the Editor, … Continue reading

Level – Mountain Road


Author: Anton Source: stmods.ru Text from stmods.ru: Suffice it interesting and unusual card. More than 100 hours in the editor. On the map additional static objects used. I tried to make a balance of dirt and dry road, turned around 40/60. The card is in the style of the mountain … Continue reading

Level – Island Ostrov


Author: unknown Really odd level. Big Aztec temple in the middle. Dense jungle. The works. – 1 garage, 3 fuel stations, 1 lumber, 2 manual loadings, objective 9 stations, 2 KRAZ-255, 1 UAZ, 2 free slots new types of vegetation: grass, banana trees, tropical ferns, different types of palm trees … Continue reading

Level – Lesozavodsk v4


Author: Boctok 25Rus If you want a detailed map with headen treasures and secrets then take on this map. It has lots of custom object, very good terrain layout and a few surprises along the way ;). Hint: do not trust wooden bridges.

Level – Biverrig


Author: NTSR Tester: SID + crew And to start the day i got a new map by a known map maker, NTSR. Now the veteran players out there, including at least 1 Oovee staff member, know his maps are really detailed and realistic. And this new map is no less … Continue reading

Level – Wilderness


Author: ActionJackson Text by Author: Installation; Copy .stg and .dds to …/Spintires/Media/levels !Disclaimer! -I design this map as wilderness map, there is no road you can follow, you are to expected to make your path as you go. -You may well enjoy some 8×8 action on this map, if you … Continue reading

Level – Islands 2016


Author:unknown If you like driving on the edge then this map just might do the trick for you. There is this one road uphill which really twists around the mountain with sheer cliffs on one side and mountain on other. Really good fun with the Yamal SGS exploration truck. 1 … Continue reading