Level – It’s time for the road


Author: Vitargan177 Screenshots by: Alexey Baranov Source: vk.com From the author: “Hello! I am glad to give you a new card “It is time for the road.” This name card received not as a simple road map very much! But revealing in terms of location to carry logs on it will be … Continue reading

Level – Asia 3


Author: Eugene Yachigin (sydneyopolev) Screenshots by: Alexey Baranov Source: vk.com Has: -1 refueling -1 garage -7 points of intelligence – 1 felling -3 sawmill -UaZ, KrAZ, KamAZ, Ural. Author Eugene Yachigin (sydneyopolev)  

Level – LiK


Author:  Ivan Voschilko (Irbi4an Ivan) Source: vk.com Interesting map with some nice custom object such a metal rusted bridge. Just one truck to play with so keep it on the road! Has: -2 garage -20 points Intelligence -7 vehicles -1 dressing sawmills -6 -1 felling automatic downloading -1 manual loading

Level – Tatra Story


Author: tata007007 Tatra Story map – 18.10.2015 Single player: 1.If you want complete this map, swap please only this thrucks: – Maz 535 – Tatra 815 TerrNo1 2. Notes for manual load: – 1xBig Stump = 6 short logs = 2 points of objective – 1xLog Heap = 6 short … Continue reading

Level – NW Trails


Author: MoeRon In desperate need for some trailing? Wanting to bust your truck trying to make that climb onto that ridge? Feel the need to crawl your way through a dense forest on a twisted bumpy road? Look no further and download this map. It’s the latest creation from MoeRon … Continue reading

Level – Oxbow


Author: NTSR I got sent this map by NTSR to check out and post and i will surely do that. This map is real thought out. It features trailers parked on the map which first have to be retrieved to be able to do some logging. It features the usual default … Continue reading

Map – Diamondback


Author: Nix_909 This is a rock crawler map. And nothing more. Oh you can do some logging if you want but really this map is all about rock crawling. Imagine taking each rock and place it on this map, shaping and moving it. One by one. Lot of work went … Continue reading

Level – Mt. Misery


Contains the following mods which have all been edited, except “Tattoos” HGear. In various ways to get the full rock bouncing effect.—- 1) “RockBouncMap” by. DrGoNzO1489 2) “RealMod” by. PressureLine OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/real-mod/ 3) “TreePhysicsv1.1” by. Bezzi OriginalFile: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/647-tree-physics/ 4) “HGear” by. Tattoo OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/gearboxes/ 5) “ScreaminBlue” by. Stetson OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/screamin-blue/ 6) “Brute … Continue reading

Level – The Crossing


Author: PsychoticScrooge Source: Spintires.nl PsychoticScrooge gives us his first ever map. It gives you some nasty challenges like boulders everywhere LOL. Not too bad for a first map though, looking forward to more.