Map – Stagnum


Author: Lexxuzzz Source: A great map to download and use if you want to do some trail driving. You can also try logging but really this map is more about exploring the countryside and hidden pathways. Big trucks will not do very well on this map unless it’s named … Continue reading

Map – Evans Creek


Author: MoeRon Testing: SID, Brute, Serious, Hazzard Look up Evans Creek on YouTube to see some really great footage of an excellent 4×4 area. It has everything, from water crossings to rock crawler areas and everything between. And then download this map and have that same area in Spin Tires. You … Continue reading

Map – Ozera


Author: Karpov Simeon Apparently a map which is for sale somewhere but you may play this map without added mods for free. Thanks Karpov for this nice map. There are some floating objects though but that does not bother me much. Excellent map with a lot of custom objects.

Map – Project Two


Author: Schlammspringer Source: here Hello offroad truckers This map was made to be a “working” map, so don’t expect anything for crawling, trailing or racing! It’s no hardcore map but has some tricky edges. Furtermore, you’ll need some basic craning skills, because there is only manual loading of logs and a … Continue reading

Map – Irak


Author: Riman Magmit No clue why this is called the Irak map. Lots of water and mud to be found here which does not seem like something Irak has to offer. Still it’s a good map to enjoy some gametime on. Not the best map out there but enough to satisfy … Continue reading

Map – KaKa


Author: Riman Magmit A fun map with a good layout of the terrain providing you with the opportunity to find or make your own way to the lumber. Good roads and none of that deep mud we see in other maps. This map has my approval.

Map – Gumag


Author: Roman Magmit This map has the look of a prison camp Russian style. I think it is called a Gulag but for some reason this map is named Gumag. Meh, names are names. It’s a small map where you drive around, just be carefull. There are some nasty hidden surprises.