Map – Waterfall


Author: V12 This is an interesting map. It’s not for those who are new to driving in ST. This map is clearly for the more experienced users as it involved driving through a waterfall. Or taking a shortcut through a mine shaft. Yes you read that correctly, crazy stuff but also … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Canyon


Authors: Map: Blackwater_CA 87 Jeep Yj   by SID with 1 beacon addon by BruteTerror  (Supervisor Truck) Peterbilt 379 With custom addons as well as stock by BruteTerror (Log Truck) Chevy Regular cab Dually With 5 addons by BruteTerror (Repair Truck) All Addons work in MP A map is so … Continue reading

Map – Prostokvashino1


Author: Vitaly Ivanov Source: A new map which starts you off in the deep woods with a uaz. Then there are a lot of roads to explore, bridges to cross and objectives to complete. Feels like a map put together with attention to detail. Like this:Like Loading…

Map – Bax4


Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn Source: Number 4 in the Bax map collection. And this one is perfect if you love lots of think unforgiving mud. In some places the mud reached ridiculous level imho but the map itself is still fun to explore. Like this:Like Loading…

Map – Beta


Author: Rinat Ibragimov Small map with one thing that is pretty obvious. It has roads that are not ment for your everyday vehicle. This map needs big trucks with big tires if you want to be able to transport logs or move around at all. Mud roads with rocks in … Continue reading

Map – Ostrov


Author: Rinat Ibragimov Nice little map with a nasty surprise (hint: avoid the wooden bridge). It has all the elements of a good small map with some fun to be had. You start off on a island have to make your way down sandy forest tracks and mud to the lumber … Continue reading

Map – Tunguska Crater Mystery


Author: V12 This is a map with a story behind it. The Tunguska Crater in Russia is kind of like Area51 in the US of A. Unknown things happened there and all who go there are often never seen again. But in this map you get a chance to discover … Continue reading

Map – Super


Author: Micha Vorotintcev Source: A small map with not much story behind it. You get to transport logs and there is some scenery but it seems this map is put together without much thought behind it. Like this:Like Loading…