Map – Error 404


Author: Romich ZX Sourcde: Expect lots of custom object on this map. Loads of road signs, stationary trucks, bulldozer, custom buildings and shipyards etc etc. This is a large map which guarantees hour upon hour of playtime! The map has the following: 7 cars: – Ural 1 – 2 Kamaz … Continue reading

Map – Wasteland


Author: SunBroSquads (?) Source: Gr4ndy A nice gloomy level which reminds us all of these Mad Max movies of olden days. Just a small map with a wrecked world to drive through. Logging is possible but that’s probably not what you are going to use this map for.

Map – Sosnoviy Bor


Author: Alexander Sadovsky Source: The Pinery. A muddy, twisty roads map which guarantees lots of fun to be had while doing a logging trip or just roaming around. Alexander has produced a great map. It is probably not for the novice user but it will keep you happy for hours. … Continue reading

Level – Vyborg


Author: Eugene VG Source: On the map: 4 Sawmills 1 Lesopoval 2 Garage 1 Refuelling 9 Points Intelligence Technology: 1 Maz 1 Maz2 2 Kamaz 1 Ural 1 UAZ 1 Kraz 1 Zyl. A nice solid map to do some logging on. Don’t be fooled by the first part, … Continue reading

Map Yezhovo V.2


Author:  Eugene VG Source: This is the finalised version of the (Y)ezhovo map from Eugene VG. No surprises here, a nicely put together map, great for beginners or a relaxed Sunday drive. The village found in the original version is no longer there, more/deeper mud has been added in places. … Continue reading

Map – Bax 6


Author: Dmitry Sinitsyn This is the sixth installment in the line of Bax maps. And this one is the biggest of them all so far. Lots of custom object used in the map making. From road signs to new bridges or road parts and buildings. Don’t be alarmed if the … Continue reading

Map – Tayha


Author: Roman Magmit Source: Another good map from Roman. Lots of nice scenery too look at and a good level design. Got some nice surprises in there as wel like driving on a flooded road, fallen over guard towers etc. Entertaining map. On this map there are 7 cars: – … Continue reading

Map – NuB


Author: Roman Magmіt Source: On the map: 9 machines: – KrAZ 1 – 4 ZIL 130 – 1 UAZ – MAZ 535 1 – 1 MAZ 7310 – 4320 1 Uraz 3 sawmills, felling 1, 2 car garage, 2 refueling. It’s a good map with a design to it. Not … Continue reading

Map – Blackwater Mojave Green


Author: Blackwater_CA Source: This is, for now, the final map made by BW. And he goes out with a bang, this is a killer map featuring trial areas, rock climbing, dense forest, hidden sewage pipes to drive through and more. Not for beginners this map will keep even a … Continue reading