Level – Mt. Misery


Contains the following mods which have all been edited, except “Tattoos” HGear. In various ways to get the full rock bouncing effect.—- 1) “RockBouncMap” by. DrGoNzO1489 2) “RealMod” by. PressureLine OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/real-mod/ 3) “TreePhysicsv1.1” by. Bezzi OriginalFile: http://www.oovee.co.uk/forum/files/file/647-tree-physics/ 4) “HGear” by. Tattoo OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/gearboxes/ 5) “ScreaminBlue” by. Stetson OriginalFile: http://spintires.nl/screamin-blue/ 6) “Brute … Continue reading

Level – The Crossing


Author: PsychoticScrooge Source: Spintires.nl PsychoticScrooge gives us his first ever map. It gives you some nasty challenges like boulders everywhere LOL. Not too bad for a first map though, looking forward to more.

Level – Wicked Valley


Author: richieXtheXboss Source: here This is the wicked valley map by Richie. The name says it all, do not expect a easy ride but instead lots of winching and figuring how to go round an obstacle without tipping over. Crawlers are best at home on this map! If you like … Continue reading

Level – Zaharie


Author:  Eugene VG. Co-author: Alexander Smith Source: vk.com An average map. Not too big but big enough to keep you occupied for a little while. You start with the 6522 and that is the only vehicle on the map so be carefull with it 😉 On Map: 11 points of … Continue reading

Map – StalkerMap


Author(s): Vladislav Isaev (Vostok98) Authors include Igor Viktorov, Yuri Eremchuk Dmitry Romanenko, Yuri Ismailov, Ivan Bodrov, Ruslan Petryuk Ruslan Bratash Denis Surzhikov Source: vk.com A crazy map this is. Filled with lots of custom objects which almost look randomly thrown in the map. Really cool to explore this map and find … Continue reading

Map – Forest Mountain Roads


Author: Wasily2007 Source: vk.com A good solid map for when you just feel like driving around, no goal just cruising. Good layout of the terrain, good use of trees and mud. Excellent map imho. On the map one garage, two mills, two sawmills and three refueling.

Map – Lafak


Author: Roman Magmit Source: vk.com 1. Uaz 2. Zil 3.Kamaz4.Ural_2 5.Kraz 6.Maz 535-2 7.Maz 7310 1 garage 6. sawmills 2 felling Nice a big map but put together really good. It has a nice feel to it, just enough ‘obstacles’ to overcome and the layout of the terrain is perfect. … Continue reading

Map – Klas Pro


Author: Roman Magmіt Source: vk.com 9 cars: – KrAZ 1 – 1 ZIL 130 – 1 UAZ – 2 535 MAZ – 1 MAZ 7310 – 2 Urals 4320 – 1 KAMAZ 5 sawmill, 2 felling, 2 car garage, 2 refueling. Interesting map with a good layout which should keep you … Continue reading

Map – Spill


Author: Eugene Bikkulov Source: vk.com Expect lots of wet roads and deep mud. Frustrating amounts of deep mud in the first part of the map. If you got loads of time to spare try this map. If not then do not download because this is a map for the patient people..