Level – CCCP 3

Image 004 2016-08-16

Author: Gioom66 Source: stmods.ru On the map: 2 car garage, 1 dressing, 1 felling (manual), 1 point loading (automatic), five sawmills, 11 intelligence points. From cars: 1 KrAZ 255 (garage part), 1 wagon (garage part), 7 empty slots (for your car). More on cars do not have a map. Write … Continue reading

Level – Backwoods mud on the rocks

Image 001 2016-08-11

Author: Major Mudd Major Mudd is quickly carving out his own space in map making country. This is his latest work called Backwoods mud on the rocks. It has several great trails layed out for those who want to do some rock crawling or trailing or both. Plus you can … Continue reading

Level – Saltysprings

Image 009 2016-08-11

Text and screenshots by author CRCSpeedshop Source: Oovee This is my first map, its just a big 32 x 32 trailing map, no objectives. Most of the trails are laid out for you, however there are some “find your own way” closer to the second garage. Basically done this one … Continue reading

Level – P9_doublepack

Image 193

Text and screenshots from Schlammspringer Hi Guys Now presenting another logging map, made with the help “WorldMachine” (basic terrain). It’s simply called “P9” (ProjectNine), because it’s my 9th completely finished level for Spintires. This time it comes in two versions (_easy and _hard), because some of my testers told me, … Continue reading

Level – West Fork River

Image 184

Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee text and screenshots by Spoke01 WEST FORK RIVER MAP INFO: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ST Game version: 03\03\16 Map version: v1.0 File Date: 07\21\16 Type: Discovery and logging Grid Size: 32×32 (64×64) Custom Items: 0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1x Fuel Tanks: 2x Lumber Stations: 1x Log Kiosks: 3x … Continue reading

Level – LesProm96

Image 174

Author: Mod by Iv@n(96Rus) On this map you will find: 1 garage 1 felling 1 refill 2 point loading 2 slots for additional cars 5 cars (Ural 4320, KrAZ 255, 6522 KAMAZ, ZIL 130, MAZ 535) 7 sawmills 12 points of intelligence It is a bit big with all the custom … Continue reading

Level – On The Rocks

Image 013

Author: Major Mudd Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Major Mudd This is my first map. It’s not huge but it has huge challenging rock crawling .No objectives. Intended for just good ole off road fun. I would recommend SpinTires plus and something with a lot of lift and stability. … Continue reading

Level – Fairy Trail

Image 009

Author: Tim1 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Tim1 This is the holy grail of my maps and is extremely detailed. Perfect for exploring trails, with many views looking over the tree tops. As for logging, I have included only one objective. The difficulty depends on the route you take, … Continue reading

Level – Offroad Challenge

Image 001

Author: Smed1981 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author: Just like the title suggest if you enjoy a challenge then this is the map for you. I highly recommend modded vehicles. This time around the map is 32×32 and packed with trails. Most of the trails I would consider to … Continue reading

Level – Blue Springs

Image 008

Author: David360 Source: Oovee This Map was made in the SpinTires Editor. It took about 5 hours to make this and i really want to give a huge shout out to Dew Man on steam to encourage me to do this Thank you. No custom Objects Big Map. 2 trails … Continue reading