Level – DPI Olesja River


Author: DexterParis Source: Oovee »Olesja River« ist a fictional place where several small rivers from the nearby mountains merge together. After weeks of heavy rainfalls the water level has risen and forces the truck drivers to cross the rivers again and again. Characteristics – predominantly flat terrain – different road … Continue reading

Level – Geocaching 3


Author: V12 Geocaching 3 for SpinTires Third Geocaching map is here ! More difficult than two previous ! Many offroad routes mixed with hardcore trial stages, some caches are reachable only with maximum courage. And there is a secret military installation with great surprise. All chaches are accessible with Uaz … Continue reading

Level – Silverstone OHV


Author: Nix_909 Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by Nix_909 Sliverstone OHV by Nix_909 Tested by SID, Bruteterror, Hazzard and Powers 64×64 map with hours of hardcore wheelin, this map is split in half, low desert and high mountain terrains. 4 Months of work went into this map so enjoy.   … Continue reading

Level – Les2 aka Forest 2


Author: Vasily Petrov His second map and quickly carving out his place in the map making community. It is a excellent thought through map. Lots of terrain to discover and be amazed at. Little streams flowing across roads and great terrain layout will keep you busy for a quite a … Continue reading

Level – Les


Author: unknown Source: forgot to mark, cannot find it anymore. Still a good map even though i forgot to mark down author and source. It is a wet one so prepare for lots of low gear crawling along forest pathways.

Level – Aussiewasteland


Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Text by Aussie: HELLO EVERYONE Here is my awsome new map this is something new to me i have used custom texture i hope u all like the way i done this map was some time spent on it TEXTURE DONE BY VOTO1979 in this map … Continue reading

Level – Primorie


Author: BOCTOK 25RUS This map is what you need if you want to do some logging in a flooded area. Really good layout and lots of interesting areas to discover. Tip: use a big truck with big wheels or getting anywhere will be sloooooooow.

Level – Muradyum


Author: Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav) Source: stmods.ru I can write up something but the guys at stmods.ru did a good job already so here goes: Map “Muradymskoe Gorge” – another picturesque corner of the highlands! Archived two “level_muradyum” Card (light) and “level_muradyum_hard” (complex). On the map: 3 slots for your mods … Continue reading

Level – Quiet Dell


Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Text by author: Quiet Dell (v1.0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game: …………………….Spintires (03/03/16 version) File Creation Date: ……08\09\16 Type: ………………………Single player logging Grid Size: …………………8×8 Custom Made Items: …0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1x Lumber Stations: 1 x Log Kiosks: 1x Lumber Objective Stations: 2x Garage Stations: 1x (unlocked) … Continue reading