Level – Siberian Express 2016 R2

Image 034

Author: no107064 Go for this map because it is worth every byte of your download bandwidth. Beautifully arranged and constructed map with lots of custom object such as barriers and houses and bridges etc etc. This is definitely a map you will have a lot of fun on just exploring every … Continue reading

Level – DCMT Trailhead Preserve

Image 029

Author: DrGoNzo1489 Rock models: Stetson Get a nice trail equiped truck, like the Toyota 80 from Bregel and just have fun. Nothing else to do but having fun on this map. It is put together with care and feels real. Plenty of challenges to overcome and routers to choose from. … Continue reading

Level – Just Trailing 2

Image 005

Author: ThePrimo21 Source: Oovee Nice little trailing map. Don’t be fooled by the scenery, keep an eye on the trail. There are parts of the trail that can tip you over if you plot the wrong course.

How to add a map to Spin Tires

Image 067

Got asked how to add maps to Spin Tires. And made a quick how-to with pictures because they say more then words etc etc Go to Spintires.nl and click on Map in the menu. Click twice to open the map section or choose the name of a map maker. Choose … Continue reading

Level – Snakes Backbone

Image 041

Author: Johnnybravo(AKA)Freddy Source: Oovee Twisting and narrow like a snakes backbone this map features a winding road with huge drops on the side much like the well known Bolivian death road. Enjoy!  

Level – Wild Horse Falls


Author: Drifticidal Source: Oovee Text and screenshots by author: This is my latest in trail maps, I’ve spent a lot on this map and hope you enjoy it, could spend many hours more but I know several trail junkies and rock hounds want to get their hands on this. There tons … Continue reading

Level – Childs Play

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Author: Spoke01 Text and screenshots by author: CHILD’S PLAY MAP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Created for Spintires version 03/03/16 * Map v1.0 * Creation Date 07\09\16 * An easy logging map for children – Ages 5-9 * Grid Size 8×8 (16×16) * Custom items:0 (zero) Includes: 1x Fuel Station 1x Garage Station … Continue reading

Level – Raceway White Rhino

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Author: DrGonzo Another great stress reliever. The White Rhino raceway. Not suited for Plymouth Fury’s 😉 but i just had to drive that car on this truck. Makes for a great track to just fool around on.