Level – Geocaching II


Author: V12 V12 already made a Geocaching themed map with custom caches instead of the black vortex. And here is the successor to that map. Harder and more difficult then the other map this one will keep you occupied for a few hours or more. Be prepared to try it … Continue reading

Level – Bow water


Author: Minitor This is a must have level if you want to have realism in the game. The Bow water level does just that, it really immerses you into the game. I had a whale of time getting my trucks to their destination, figuring it which route would work best … Continue reading

Map – Terrible Road


Author: Ibragimov Rinat This map delivers one thing and one thing only. Terrible driving conditions. I had to use the ZIL 137 with active logging trailer to be able to move around easy. It is not a big map but if crawling slowly down a muddy road is your thing then … Continue reading

Map – Kudrovo1


Author: Vitaly Ivanov Source: vk.com A good map to do some logging on. Has a bit of everything when it comes to the landscape, bit of mud, bit of swamp etc. A good map to keep you busy for a few hours. Like this:Like Loading…

Map – TailWaters


Credits: Map – DrGoNzO1489 Unimog1500- LetsRockandRoll Chevy CUCV M1008- Eclipse81 UAZ alt Offroad wheelset- BruteTerror’s old MIL 32’s Update by the author: My own personal xml tweaks of friction to different objects. zilgoodies- oovee for the models, and Freeman for putting it together. Defender110-SID Starting Vehicles: kamaz kamaz_blue maz2 zil other … Continue reading

Map – Albi, WA ORV


Author: MoeRon Post text by author: Big thanks, SID for testing and feedback. Serious for testing and feedback along with adjusting XML’s to make the map proper. blackwater_CA for helping me get started. Albi, WA ORV is the name of the map. Staring vehicles are uaz, zil, ural, kraz, and … Continue reading

Map – Forgotten City


Author: Monroe Peterbuilt material: BruteTerror Source: Spintires.net A new player has entered the ranks of map makers by the name of Monroe. And he can keep doing it as far as i am concerned. Good looking map, lots of custom object and interesting routes to take with your truck+trailer. Not … Continue reading

Map – Object 1200


Author: unknown (place a comment if you know who) This is very detailed and thought out map. Lots of custom object like garbage bins and picknick areas. Broken bridges and bogs to slow you down. This is a map with some puzzle solving to be done and it should keep … Continue reading

Map – Na Lesopoval2


Author: Dimon43 A odd shaped map this is the successor to Na Lesopoval. Lots of ground to explore delivering good scenery and challenges to overcome. Latest stable by: King Unique Like this:Like Loading…

Map – B1


Author: Zenia Luzgin Don’t judge a map by it’s name they say. And this is a good example. A good map with some challenges in the form of muddy roads and a big watercrossing section. Latest stable by: King Unique Like this:Like Loading…