New compression format

Hello visitor, is not short on storage space but even we have to keep an eye on the amount of disk space left. Which is why we switched to using a better compression format. We used to rely on regular .zip and have now moved to using .7z which … Continue reading

ST14 – LAV 25

Author: Arraial Source: here Mp/Achievements: No Arraial has done it again. Create a cool mod to showcase the capabilities of ST. Moveable parts and drivers which moves with the vehicle when it bounces through some ruts. Really good stuff.  

ST14 – Kamaz 65117

Author: Source: MP/Achievements: No The Kamaz 65117 is a big modern 6×6 truck. This mod looks good and has good details on it. Not all the wheels come standard with the truck and the default addons do not align well but that would be an easy fix for anyone … Continue reading

Oovee opens Beta branch

Oovee has decided to open up a experimental beta branch on Steam. Allowing us to use Spin Tires bleeding edge style. Download the latest available Beta on Steam. Be warned: it is beta so no guarantees on stability etc etc Read more on the Oovee forum.

Spin Tires Update 25/09/14

Reece Bolton, studio producer Oovee, has posted a update on the Oovee forum: (text copied from the forum) Good afternoon Off-roaders, A few days ago I mentioned in a topic on the forum that I would be providing you all with information and details of the next update. So to … Continue reading

Spin Tires – Update DEV250814

Reece Bolton, Oovee Producer, has posted a very interesting post over at the Oovee forum. It contains some information on the road ahead for Spin Tires. I suggest you go here and read all about it.  Here is a overview of things to come:

Gamescom interview with Oovee

Flanna (black t-shirt), one of the Oovee forum moderators, had had the chance to do a short interview with Reece (far left) from Oovee. Reece is the studio producer and he answered some questions Flanna had gathered on the forum and also had some other news to tell. Enjoy watching … Continue reading

Spin Tires at GamesCon + Questions

Oovee is live at the GamesCon in Cologne. Checkout the semi-live thread on the Oovee forum for pictures made by Flanna (one of the forum moderators). GOT QUESTONS FOR THE PRODUCERS FROM OOVEE? GO HERE AND PASS THEM ON TO FLANNA!  

ST14 – Interview with Oovee by DaSquirrelsNuts

Couple of days ago well known YouTube game reviewer DaSquirrelsNuts had a live stream in which he showed the Spin Tires and had a multiplayer session with Zane and Reece from Oovee. The whole experience was cut into three YT videos for you to enjoy. They show what the game … Continue reading

ST14 – Backers Portal

Oovee has kindly provided all you Steam clients a Backers Portal in case you did not recieve a key yet for downloading it from Steam. Go to the Backers Portal and enter the email address you used and your zip(post) code. You should then recieve a key for Steam. If … Continue reading