H3 Limousine

H3 Limousine

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: Spintires.net What is even more badass then a normal H3 Hummer? A Stretch Hummer! This is a limousine H3 Hummer. And it behaves like its little brother. Spare wheel addon and a minibar can be installed. You might think this is no good offroad but be ready … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Help Each Other

I am noticing an increase in questions being posted here on Spintires.nl and that is fine by me. What is not fine is that it is taking up more and more time. So i have two choices. Shutdown the ability to post a comment at a post or keep that … Continue reading

Mods updated

Mods have all been updated to the latest xml settings and filenames have been renamed where nescesary. Total replaced 174 times: “blending=”default”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 1911 times: “Glossiness” => “Type” Total replaced 178 times: “Transparent=”true”” => “Blending=”alpha”” Total replaced 2035 times: “__da” => “__d_a” Total replaced 96 times: “LoadAddon.*=” … Continue reading

19-3-2015 game update – maps

Yes there has been a update to the game giving it a new version named 19-3-15. Which also means maps for 9-3-15 do not work at the moment. Maps which can be upgraded to 19-3-15 will be added asap. As soon as this post has a happy face in it … Continue reading

New compression format

Hello visitor, Spintires.nl is not short on storage space but even we have to keep an eye on the amount of disk space left. Which is why we switched to using a better compression format. We used to rely on regular .zip and have now moved to using .7z which … Continue reading

ST14 – LAV 25

Author: Arraial Source: here Mp/Achievements: No Arraial has done it again. Create a cool mod to showcase the capabilities of ST. Moveable parts and drivers which moves with the vehicle when it bounces through some ruts. Really good stuff.  

ST14 – Kamaz 65117

Author: Source: vk.com MP/Achievements: No The Kamaz 65117 is a big modern 6×6 truck. This mod looks good and has good details on it. Not all the wheels come standard with the truck and the default addons do not align well but that would be an easy fix for anyone … Continue reading

Oovee opens Beta branch

Oovee has decided to open up a experimental beta branch on Steam. Allowing us to use Spin Tires bleeding edge style. Download the latest available Beta on Steam. Be warned: it is beta so no guarantees on stability etc etc Read more on the Oovee forum.

Spin Tires Update 25/09/14

Reece Bolton, studio producer Oovee, has posted a update on the Oovee forum: (text copied from the forum) Good afternoon Off-roaders, A few days ago I mentioned in a topic on the forum that I would be providing you all with information and details of the next update. So to … Continue reading

Spin Tires – Update DEV250814

Reece Bolton, Oovee Producer, has posted a very interesting post over at the Oovee forum. It contains some information on the road ahead for Spin Tires. I suggest you go here and read all about it.  Here is a overview of things to come: