Level – Open Roads

Level – Open Roads

Author: MoeRon Source: here This is a nice map to have in your collection. The maps that are available now are mostly about trail or heavy-duty logging. This map features an open road theme which means long winding roads to go logging on. But don’t be fooled by the clear … Continue reading

Server / site problems

Dear visitor, You might have noticed, if you come here often, that the site is sometimes sloooooooow to respond to requests. This we tracked down to sleeping and/or zombie processes which bog down the entire server until they are cleared and the site is up again. We are looking into … Continue reading

URAL 375

URAL 375

Author: Victor BVG Source: vk.com Yet another Ural 375 with a nice list of addons, good choice in wheels and really good texturing which might explain the download size. It just looks as good as it rides this truck. Worth the download.

Level – Faerie Hill

Author: StrakanXJ It is not the biggest map available but like i told Strakan himself it is worth using it. It does have that quality that shows thought has gone into building instead of just slapping elements onto a map without an idea behind it. The map works on the Legacy … Continue reading

Forum? Yes we have one now.

Comments are turned of on this site because of some problem WordPress has with handling them. It kept giving users errors when they commented on a post. So, in order to solve that problem i have erected a forum from Simple Machines at forum.spintires.nl If you have a question or … Continue reading

BAW Brave Warrior

Author: DEMON74 Source: vk.com A little chinese 4×4 named the Brave Warrior. Which does go into tornado mode when loaded with too many addons. Especially the gruz addons seem to throw it into a frenzy. But it is good looking, little light on its wheels but a good mod nonetheless. … Continue reading

Ural 4322A

Author: 3D models and textures from the game: a-50 Black Shark (DCS), OOVEE, ronnie, Dmitry Romanenko.Addons: OOVEE, ronnie. Wheels: OOVEE, ronnie. Source: vk.com This is a Ural 4322A with several addons among which a car transport. Good animation and suspension on this truck as wel as very good texturing which gives … Continue reading