Level – The Few

Author – WrenchinMonkey Finally the Few is ready for release and is actually amazing! I feel as thought every time I play a Wrenchin Monkey map the quality just gets better and better. This map will blow your mind because every corner is stunning and also  is really well thought out. The … Continue reading

Marijn Spring Weight Tool – 3DS Max

Author – Marijns95 This is a must for all modders who want to get into animating coil spring suspension.  It is really easy to use and install. The only issue I have had is the last weight on the spring sometimes messes up but this is a easy fix. This … Continue reading

Level – West Fork Bogs

Author – Spoke01 Another great map I recommend you all to check out. Authors comments: 1x Garage (unlocked) 1x A-469 1x C-4320 2x Free truck slots On the map: 4x Discoverable trucks 1x Fuel station 1x Lumber station 4x Lumber kiosks 4x Cloakings 5x Objective stations About the map: “West … Continue reading

Level – Skidder Use

Skidder Map 9

Author – TheSovietConscript I had never really had heard of ‘Skidding’ before this map but with some research I can appreciate what it is.  A skidder is basically any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest then  transports the cut logs … Continue reading

More Dynamic Mud and Temps Tweaks Spintires Mods

Author – TemplarGFX This mod is quite cool – really improves the look and feel of the mud and various other elements of the game. I recommend you check it out. Although I think a video explains this the best: More info on what the mod does: More Dynamic Mud … Continue reading

Level – Off the Grid (Overland)

Author – RoughRider I really enjoy this map. The map has good variation in the terrain and the scenery is really nice. This is another great Overland map to add to the pile. Description/Author Notes:  Off the Grid is a map that is set near a water system far away … Continue reading

Test Drive – Dirt Time

Level – SuperScott I am sure most of you have heard about the Dirt time map and if not here is a brief description of what it is: Dirt time is what I would call a ‘challenge map’. The map has lots of different courses and events that you can … Continue reading

Level – Kentpark

Spintires Map Peview

Author – Kent_BoBo First of all, WM and I both agreed that there is of potential for BoBo and his map making. Just from the quality of the trails and the way how he used the Forest Rough texture instead of the dirt road.  To the untrained eye this may … Continue reading

Expedition Overland Spintires + Recent Server Issues


Spun and Crew are back at it with a new adventure – Expedition Overland! He recently made a promo video for it so I thought I would share it. The date of the stream is the 27/5/17. I hope to see you guys in the stream 🙂 This will not … Continue reading

8up Winch Line Tweak

Author – 8upLocal This is a bit of a novelty item for Spintires but anyways here is the winch line from 8up and I think he has done a great job at replicating a steel winch line. So, If you want to take the personalisation of the game to the next level, … Continue reading