Level – Kentpark

Spintires Map Peview

Author – Kent_BoBo First of all, WM and I both agreed that there is of potential for BoBo and his map making. Just from the quality of the trails and the way how he used the Forest Rough texture instead of the dirt road.  To the untrained eye this may … Continue reading

Expedition Overland Spintires + Recent Server Issues


Spun and Crew are back at it with a new adventure – Expedition Overland! He recently made a promo video for it so I thought I would share it. The date of the stream is the 27/5/17. I hope to see you guys in the stream 🙂 This will not … Continue reading

8up Winch Line Tweak

Author – 8upLocal This is a bit of a novelty item for Spintires but anyways here is the winch line from 8up and I think he has done a great job at replicating a steel winch line. So, If you want to take the personalisation of the game to the next level, … Continue reading

Level – Thumersee


Author – Norsa This is the first map from Norsa and I think he has done a pretty good job. It has a bunch of logging roads on it and a couple of small trails. It is quite basic in the way it has been laid out but it gets … Continue reading

Test Drive – Powers Jeep FC150

Author – Powers2440 Recently I had the pleasure of testing Powers latest creation a Jeep FC-150. He decided to make one after purchasing an FC in real life (you can check out an overview of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m9pM8gOBlU). For some of you people who don’t have any idea of what … Continue reading

So long and thanks for all the fish..

Yes for you nerds out there that title sounds familiar. I borrowed it from the HHGTTG because it did not want this post to be all dramatic. Basically this post is me saying thanks for all those thousands of visitors my site, Spintires.nl, has hosted over the past years. From … Continue reading

Chevy K30 crawler

Author: Nix_909 A decent 4 door crawler for those who want to take their family with them while doing some crawling. Excellent crawler with plenty of grip and articulation. Wheel sets: TerraTrax = All Terrain XTrax = Rocks Trencher = Mud 4 Door Chevy Model: Sketchup Animation: Hazzard Templates: Spun … Continue reading

Almost 10000!

SID has been hard at work creating this one of a kind off road truck. The MJ truck. Go over this his YouTube channel to watch some more Spun videos. The thing is this truck will be released once he hits 10000 subscribers. And having driven this truck in a test … Continue reading

DCMT Thunderduck in trouble

Hey all, This is Comawhite 12 of DCMT. One of our founders has come under a HUGE burden due to Hurricane Matthew this last weeknd slamming through North Carolina. He has been without power since Saturday, and the estimated time of service return is now Sunday the 16th, but that … Continue reading

Level – Falls

Author: ReeferBMX Source: Oovee As the author says it: Semi-Realistic Offroading/Crawling/Flexing. put it in low and go. As i see it: true to the last dot. This map shows what can be done with some patience and a idea. Well put together map with good scenery and lots of trails to … Continue reading