Spintires: Mudrunner February DLC – The Valley

As we enter the 3rd month of release for Mudrunner we are being greeted with brand new, fresh content in the form of a DLC. This will be the first DLC released for Spintires Mudrunner and features a great amount of content to be seen. This content is planned for … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Goat Trails

Author – Smed1981 Goat trails is currently the last map that Smed has updated. Once again another decent trailing map with lots of variety. I highly recommend downloading and checking this map out. If you want to check out the original review from Spintires here is the link – http://spintires.nl/spintires-map-goat-trails/ Photos: … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Offroad Challange

Author – Smed1981 Editor Notes: What can I say about this map other than it is amazing! but what else do you expect from Smed? There are a couple of trails you can take from the start, most of them link together at one point or another, Some are easier … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Diablo Trails

Diablo Trails by Smed

Author – Smed1981 Diablo Trails has been converted by Smed and is just a good as it ever was.  It’s a nice map for a quick trail ride or a massive trailing session. Good detail and lots of terrain to explore. Heaps of Hill climbs and decents that deserve attention … Continue reading

Tattoo’s Spintires: MudRunner GearBoxes v1.0

Author – Tattoo Hazzards Review: Although the shifter in MudRunner is greatly improved it still isn’t the easiest to select the right gear. Tattoo’s custom gearboxes make sure you get short, crisp shifts every time. They come in four flavors: Skull/T-Bar with stock shift pattern or Skull/T-Bar with custom shift … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Country Trail

level_Country Trail

Author – niccan69 Editor Notes: This is quite a big map with what seems to be only one trail. It’s a rather easy map that starts off as somewhat of an overland map but then quickly changes to a trailing map. Even though it’s easy don’t let that fool you, … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Rausch Creek


Author – WrenchinMonkey Very solid trailing and rock crawling map. I won’t express any other opinions in my review as I would prefer to let the pictures and video do the talking. The map comes in both fall and summer versions. Release Video: Photos:  

Removing Mud Chunks On Tires

Author – SmarOneNine Author Comments: So I’m really surprised at the number of people who ask me ‘Why I don’t have Mud Chunks on my tires in videos?’ It’s really easy to remove, Heres how….. Go into Mudrunner Directory > Meshcache.ZIP folder > and You wanna Delete the File Called … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Level – Torfaera

Author – Kent_BoBo First off I would like to introduce myself, I am Kent_BoBo. I am the newest edition to the Spintires.nl team and I am very happy to be here and I will likely be posting here at least once every week(on mondays.) For my first post I thought … Continue reading

Spintires (MudRunner) Mod – The New Spintires Plus for MudRunner!

We all remember Spintires Plus for being a convenient way of implementing features that the developers were unwilling implement. Unfortunately, the creator of Spintires Plus (Local Host) decided not to support MudRunner. Luckily, we have a new person who decided to pick up where Spintires Plus left off and somehow … Continue reading