Spintires: MudRunner Map – La Luna2

Author – Frank Author notes: La Luna2 v1 is a mountain level, with a lot of small roads, water & mut. This is my first level, i have created. With a lot of fun making it, i hope you have a lot of fun playing it. The map is 24×2 … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Wheel It

Author – Joe864864 Author notes: This map is a trailing map with some rock crawling for Spintires: Mudrunner. It is my first map and is not based on any exact location but the forests are similar to those found in the northeast US. It was built to be realistic but … Continue reading

Spintires: Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game.

Spintires: Mudrunner – Making and adding objects to your game.

Introduction: There have been a good few maps that have included custom made objects for use when people make their own. There are tutorials on this online such as Youtube but sometimes this can be hard to follow, especially if they do not use a mic or give clear instructions. … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Mountain Pass 2018

Author – Aleksey zurisar Vorobev   Author notes: Hi guys! My second work “Mountain pass 2018″ – this is first map. I want do a small campaign with one scenario and some qty of maps, any comments\critics are welcome. Author provided us with a story-line: The phone ring cut through the silence … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Oxford County Trails

Author – SmarOneNine   Author notes: My first ever created map its a Northern Maine forestry feeling simple trail map, I hope to improve with each map I build and I hope this is a solid start and you all enjoy it.   Editor notes: First when I started playing this … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Algonquin

Author – Marc W   Author notes: Algonquin is a small trail map, influenced by the dense forests of the Adirondacks mountains. It contains 2 garages, 1 fuel and 4 slots. It’s my first attempt at making a map. It contains some Nix and Spun rocks however they are renamed … Continue reading

Spintires: Mudrunner February DLC – The Valley

As we enter the 3rd month of release for Mudrunner we are being greeted with brand new, fresh content in the form of a DLC. This will be the first DLC released for Spintires Mudrunner and features a great amount of content to be seen. This content is planned for … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Goat Trails

Author – Smed1981 Goat trails is currently the last map that Smed has updated. Once again another decent trailing map with lots of variety. I highly recommend downloading and checking this map out. If you want to check out the original review from Spintires here is the link – http://spintires.nl/spintires-map-goat-trails/ Photos: … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Offroad Challange

Author – Smed1981 Editor Notes: What can I say about this map other than it is amazing! but what else do you expect from Smed? There are a couple of trails you can take from the start, most of them link together at one point or another, Some are easier … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Diablo Trails

Diablo Trails by Smed

Author – Smed1981 Diablo Trails has been converted by Smed and is just a good as it ever was.  It’s a nice map for a quick trail ride or a massive trailing session. Good detail and lots of terrain to explore. Heaps of Hill climbs and decents that deserve attention … Continue reading