Bregel Toyota FJ40 SOA

Author: Bregel
Source: Steam

From the master of mods comes this gem. The Toyota FJ40 with a SOA kit. With three body parts, wheels and a trailer to choose from this is a mod package you do want to have without hesitation. It looks just really good at home in this game.

Bregel Toyota FJ40 SOA
Bregel Toyota FJ40 SOA
Bregel Toyota FJ40 SOA.7z
88.9 MiB
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22 Responses to Bregel Toyota FJ40 SOA

  1. White Wolf says:

    Do You know if this truck will be added to the workshop?
    I just wonder since I dont really know how to add mods this way ( after the new update ).
    Suggestions are welcome and would love to try this Mod πŸ™‚

  2. Dabnation710 says:

    Where you supposed to put this file?????

  3. Brad Calnan says:

    what files do I put into the media folder because I have only three files and two are the standard mod files and the other is something called bill boards and I put the two standard mod files (classes and sounds) into it and nothing

  4. idiotMatt says:

    Such a badass ride. I loved the drive I took in it yesterday.

  5. daniel haskins says:

    hey Bregel keep up the good work literally all of my favourite mods are ones made by you

  6. aderdap says:

    beautiful model thanks

  7. Bembol Rocco says:

    Would be nice if you give Carface the credit for the model, he worked so hard modeling it.

  8. Bembol Rocco says:

    FYI Bigfoot2003 and Carface are the same person.

    I have all the progress files. I also followed the progress at GTAForums. I have enough scientific evidence I can call a take down request.

    I compared your land cruiser and Carface (bigfoot2003) the mesh match led perfectly. Despite the fact you mirrored the model to make it a RHD.

    • Bembol Rocco says:

      Whoever post this model on steam, used Carface model and modified the wires, it’s easy to convert them into quads. Pay attention to the car radio, it’s not the original equipment for FJ40., they are EXACTLY the same.

    • Bembol Rocco says:

      Please don’t BS me, Please I need a proof you got it from steam, URL of the actual page where you obtain the model.

  9. Bembol Rocco says:

    Just look at the texture…. The base model is based on Carface and it was extensively modified and “improved”

  10. Bembol Rocco says:

    Nice contradiction here…

    Claiming scratch made, gives Steam credit πŸ˜€

    what comes around goes around.

  11. Josephyong. says:

    Will this works on spintires 030316?

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