Bregel Merc G Bog Beast

This ladies and gentlemen is a beast. Think Mercedes G on steroids and then some. It looks aggressive and mean but can crawl gently over rocks as it has 2 gears forward and 1 reverse. Speed can be done when in +1 making this a very versatile vehicle to have lots of fun with in ST. And of course this is a truck with high level of detail, just take a look at the hoodcam view and you will instantly know it is a Bregel mod. Some fine tuning is left to be done but then it will be released. It can be drive barebones, single seated or with a full body.

If you like this mod then please consider making a donation.

If you have any ideas for the truck you are free to leave them here in a comment.

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One Response to Bregel Merc G Bog Beast

  1. Montec1983 says:

    Hey Bregel, This is a great MOD, (as always..).. Is there any way that you can update it to the 03.03.16 version of the game?? Or maybe show me/us how to do it??

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