Kamaz 43101

Author: ronnie Model and textures: A-50 Black Shark (DCS), ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi Ilya Ljamin. Addons: A-50 Black Shark (DCS), ronnie, Paul Zagrebel’nyi, STALKER Maxim Pioneer unknown, RedPow. Wheels: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie. This is an awesome wee Kamaz, which is currently set to replace the URAL in-game.  It’s got nice textures, and great … Continue reading

Bigfoot – or BMW e34 v1.2 Monstertruck.

Author: Darius Source: vk.com Replaces the Zil in-game This is a great car for a few fun hours – no practical use whatsoever – but tons of fun. It has a few sets of tires, addons are few – mainly a trailer with a mini crane and a few mini … Continue reading

Yet another rendition of the ZIL-131 (VDM)

Author: Source: vk.com Yet another iteration of the well known Zil 131.  On the whole, not a lot to say that hasn’t been said before.  Pleasant enuff to drive.  Gets around reasonably well. Nice textures.  Standard addons and several sets of tires.  I found driving with the Radio Kit to … Continue reading

Kraz 255 Refurbished

Author:  Alexey Baranov Source: vk.com This is fast becoming one of my favourite iterations of the Kraz 255. The truck itself has had a work-over.  The suspension seems a bit firmer, and doesn’t wallow as much.  I was able to tow a huge load of logs accross the plains, which … Continue reading

Ural 4320-01 Polyarnik Loader

Authors models: SpinTires, BobbleGum, RedPoW Author fashion: Viktor Antyukhin (BobbleGum) Author texture-Ilya Ljamin Source: spintires.lt Hmm – what to say…  This is an interesting beast.  A little ungainly on its feet, drives like a ping pong ball.  Most likely due to its short wheelbase and huge tires.  It’s also a … Continue reading

Kamaz 5511

Author: Roman Sonchak Cab Texture and Dump body: Ilya Ljamin Source: vk.com This feisty little Kamaz replaces the Zil in-game.  It’s a capable wee truck, which sadly only comes with diff lock. This means you will have to change your driving style to suit – no AWD, which becomes noticeable … Continue reading

Toyota BJ40 V.2

Credits: Model – Sketchup Horn – Hazzard w/ Input from Brute Suspension/Animation – Powers2440/Overheating Slacker Wheels – SID, Hazzard Textures – Hazzard Testing – JeepCherokee94, Powers, Captain Blue What’s new in version 2: Fixed Suspension Bug Removed Orange for Black Source: www.oovee.co.uk I drove the first iteration of Hazzard’s BJ40, and … Continue reading

Kraz 4540

Author: Ilgiz Karimov Source: modfiles.ru My first impressions upon driving out of the garage were, ‘This thing needs training wheels’, because it wobbled around so much.  But the little truck grew on me – inspite of appearances it’s very capable.  It comes with the standard set of add-ons one has come … Continue reading

Map Yezhovo V.2

Author:  Eugene VG Source: mods-spintires.ru This is the finalised version of the (Y)ezhovo map from Eugene VG. No surprises here, a nicely put together map, great for beginners or a relaxed Sunday drive. The village found in the original version is no longer there, more/deeper mud has been added in places. … Continue reading

M.A.N. KAT 4×4

Author: LetsRockAndRoll Source: Oovee.co.uk This truck is a pleasure to drive (IMHO).  It handles well, plenty of wheel travel and flexibility, and enough pep to get it up to a pleasant jog.  I found AWD and Diff lock were only needed in extreme cases.  Most roads and tracks can be tackled … Continue reading