Spintires: MudRunner Map – La Luna2

Author – Frank Author notes: La Luna2 v1 is a mountain level, with a lot of small roads, water & mut. This is my first level, i have created. With a lot of fun making it, i hope you have a lot of fun playing it. The map is 24×2 … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Wheel It

Author – Joe864864 Author notes: This map is a trailing map with some rock crawling for Spintires: Mudrunner. It is my first map and is not based on any exact location but the forests are similar to those found in the northeast US. It was built to be realistic but … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Mountain Pass 2018

Author – Aleksey zurisar Vorobev   Author notes: Hi guys! My second work “Mountain pass 2018″ – this is first map. I want do a small campaign with one scenario and some qty of maps, any comments\critics are welcome. Author provided us with a story-line: The phone ring cut through the silence … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Oxford County Trails

Author – SmarOneNine   Author notes: My first ever created map its a Northern Maine forestry feeling simple trail map, I hope to improve with each map I build and I hope this is a solid start and you all enjoy it.   Editor notes: First when I started playing this … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Algonquin

Author – Marc W   Author notes: Algonquin is a small trail map, influenced by the dense forests of the Adirondacks mountains. It contains 2 garages, 1 fuel and 4 slots. It’s my first attempt at making a map. It contains some Nix and Spun rocks however they are renamed … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Offroad Challange

Author – Smed1981 Editor Notes: What can I say about this map other than it is amazing! but what else do you expect from Smed? There are a couple of trails you can take from the start, most of them link together at one point or another, Some are easier … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Map – Country Trail

level_Country Trail

Author – niccan69 Editor Notes: This is quite a big map with what seems to be only one trail. It’s a rather easy map that starts off as somewhat of an overland map but then quickly changes to a trailing map. Even though it’s easy don’t let that fool you, … Continue reading

Spintires: MudRunner Level – Torfaera

Author – Kent_BoBo First off I would like to introduce myself, I am Kent_BoBo. I am the newest edition to the Spintires.nl team and I am very happy to be here and I will likely be posting here at least once every week(on mondays.) For my first post I thought … Continue reading