Level – Surovaya Tayga


Author – Bogelman Dmitry (Bogelma) As a recommendation from our old mate Hein – I checked out this map. So when Hein gives you recommendation you know you got to check it out. The map is decent, I can tell this would be a great map for logging. Trailing though, … Continue reading

Expedition Overland Spintires + Recent Server Issues


Spun and Crew are back at it with a new adventure – Expedition Overland! He recently made a promo video for it so I thought I would share it. The date of the stream is the 27/5/17. I hope to see you guys in the stream 🙂 This will not … Continue reading

Level – Bear Pass


Author – Krem85 Once again, a really good  logging or trailing map for Spintires. It is super expansive and has lots of cool details. I don’t particularly love the start of the map because you are abandoned in a forest with only one truck working. This I find to be … Continue reading

Bregal Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Bregal Toyota Land Cruiser 70

Author – Bregal Another amazing piece of work from Bregal and once again the amount of detail is through the roof. This mod features completely animated steering which works amazingly, comes with lots of addons and wheel sets and features adjustable ride height also (available from the advanced menu). This … Continue reading

Test Drive – The Few


Author – WrenchinMonkey If I was going to give an example of a ‘bloody good map’ this what I would show you – seriously just look at the photos! I am honestly blown away by all the subtle details and sheer beauty this map has to offer. Even though this … Continue reading

8up Winch Line Tweak

Author – 8upLocal This is a bit of a novelty item for Spintires but anyways here is the winch line from 8up and I think he has done a great job at replicating a steel winch line. So, If you want to take the personalisation of the game to the next level, … Continue reading

Level – Thumersee


Author – Norsa This is the first map from Norsa and I think he has done a pretty good job. It has a bunch of logging roads on it and a couple of small trails. It is quite basic in the way it has been laid out but it gets … Continue reading

Meshchora Model Pack

Meshchora Model Pack

Author – pokemone   This is just a bunch of objects you can put into your next map. All of them look great and load in instantly. Most of these objects are houses and benches. It also includes a couple of light fittings. How to install: Simply,  copy them into the … Continue reading

Level – Rockvalley Landslide

Author – Pyro-xv Recently, I received an email from Pyro to review his new map. From the screenshots, I received it looked good but in-game it looked even better! For you trailing type of guys I would look away now but for the hardcore loggers of you. I would keep reading. … Continue reading

How to install Spintires Maps

Today we are going to look at one of the basics of spin tires. adding maps. This question comes up a lot so today I hope to make a guide that somewhat simplifies the process for you. Before anything I would have a map handy so you can install it. … Continue reading