Level – Thumersee


Author – Norsa This is the first map from Norsa and I think he has done a pretty good job. It has a bunch of logging roads on it and a couple of small trails. It is quite basic in the way it has been laid out but it gets … Continue reading

Meshchora Model Pack

Author – pokemone   This is just a bunch of objects you can put into your next map. All of them look great and load in instantly. Most of these objects are houses and benches. It also includes a couple of light fittings. How to install: Simply,  copy them into the … Continue reading

Level – Rockvalley Landslide

Author – Pyro-xv Recently, I received an email from Pyro to review his new map. From the screenshots, I received it looked good but in-game it looked even better! For you trailing type of guys I would look away now but for the hardcore loggers of you. I would keep reading. … Continue reading

How to install Spintires Maps

Today we are going to look at one of the basics of spin tires. adding maps. This question comes up a lot so today I hope to make a guide that somewhat simplifies the process for you. Before anything I would have a map handy so you can install it. … Continue reading

Test Drive – Powers Jeep FC150

Author – Powers2440 Recently I had the pleasure of testing Powers latest creation a Jeep FC-150. He decided to make one after purchasing an FC in real life (you can check out an overview of it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9m9pM8gOBlU). For some of you people who don’t have any idea of what … Continue reading

Level – Aussie Outback

Author – Aussie4x4pro I think the best way to describe this map is the Moab map with trees. It’s is a decent map for a quick trail ride but really, I think it kind of misses the theme of being an Australian outback map. To me the ground texture is … Continue reading

1972 Chevy Cheyenne ‘K10 Custom’

Author – SmarOneNine Being a Modder myself I rarely ever use other people’s mods because I have my own to use. Fortunately, now that I am an editor for spintires.nl I need to use other people’s vehicles. And I must say, I am impressed with what I see so far. … Continue reading

Level – Fedral Road

Author – Dmitry Kalinin Usually I don’t find logging maps that entertaining to play, but to be honest this one is an exception. I really enjoyed just how scenic this map is. I found the variation in terrain to be nice for a change and the way how he used … Continue reading

RoughRider Menu Pack April 2017

Author – RoughRider Source – OOVEE Ever felt like you needed to customise your home screen in Spin tires? Well now you can with these two new menu scenes from Rough Rider. The installation process is very simple and really does make the menu look 1000 times better. Although, it … Continue reading

Level – PK (Sandpit)

Author – Богельман Дмитрий (Bogelma) If you like sand and mud this map is for you. It features two massive sand bowls that you can bomb around in and a bunch of muddy logging roads. I do not recommend this map to the people who enjoy serious trailing, but people who love … Continue reading