6 New Maps of Spintires: MudRunner

6 New Maps of Spintires: MudRunner

At the moment I only have completed 4 of the maps but once I have a little more time complete the rest I will add a little description of what I thought of them: The Bog One of the first maps I completed. It is really easy and can be … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Canyonlands

Author – Rust-n-Steel Editors Notes: This is quite a different map. It’s not a great trailing or logging map but it something kinda in-between. I really enjoy all the detail and the way how he used a sandy texture for the ground. All in all the map is actually quite … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Old Telegraph Track

Author: xXTHEBOMBSQUADXx Editor Notes: It is really cool to see when people create maps that replicate trails in real life. Well, this map attempts to replicate Old Telegraph Track in Queensland, Australia. As a first map I am kinda impressed. Although the detail on the map is quite bland the … Continue reading

Spintires Map – DPI Forestry Expert

Author – Dexter Paris DPI Forestry Expert Another realistic and high detailed map with beautiful new roadtypes. Long roads, heavy terrain and a load of objectives. Only experienced players and true experts will be able to finish this map! The map comes in three different editions for 1, 2 or 4 … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Trials And Tribulations

Author – I’m51/50 Hello all this map is intended to be both a logging and trail map. Difficulty for logging will depend on the route taken and the trucks you use.The map has models from Realistic Rock Pack by Tim1 and Meshchora Model Pack by Pokemone. It also has seamless … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Monkey Trails

Off Roading, Modding, Spintires, Jeep, Monkey Trails

Author – WrenchinMonkey What we have come to expect from WrenchinMonkey is great trailing maps – and believe me once again he delivered.  As usual everything on the maps is really detailed and the use of rocks is very realistic. When I prepare a map for upload I try to … Continue reading

Local Host Spintires Editor 4gb ram increase

Author – Localhost The coding wizard Localhost has just released this amazing patch for the Spintires Editor. Map makers who intend to make super detailed maps you need this file 🙂 Author Comments: I finally found a DRM-friendly way to enable the Large Address Aware (LAA) option for Spintires’ editor. … Continue reading

Level – Grand Lake

level_grand_lake preview

Author – Chris Nelson Description/Author Notes: level_grand_lake is a custom logging map for the latest version of Spintires.  Check out the preview video here: It’s been a wet winter, and we had to put deliveries on hold and move most of our trucks to high ground. Now it’s time to … Continue reading

Spintires Map – TATA Story

Author – TATA007007 Finally this map has been upgraded to the Latest Stable. I really enjoy this map as there is lots of different terrain and trails to discover. The map feels massive and the utilization of space is really good.  There is both good trails and logging roads to … Continue reading

Spintires Map – Goat Trails

Author – Smed1981 This is another really enjoyable map from Smed. Everything on the map feels very well thought out and polished. The custom rocks he used looks great and fits in well with the deserty theme that he was going for.  This is another map that will definitely be … Continue reading