95 Chevy Regular Cab Dually

Author: BruteTerror
Source: Oovee

* text copied from Oovee forum *

I Give you my 95 Chevy Regular cab Dually Pickup..
With Custom Add-ons
5 Skins to chose from
Includes A Clear Cache.
This Clear Cache Does notdelete your saved games.Plz leave a comment In the Support page Reporting any bugs or suggestions.


– Back-Up your Media Folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Spintires\Media
– Unpack Zip File into game Media folder \Steam\SteamApps\common\Spintires\Media
– This mod will replace the ural.
– To uninstall, simply Delete Media folder and replace With the Back-up you made.

Credits –
Models, Textures, Suspension and animation By BruteTerror
Base Model by Brettkillpack
Testing, Spun, Serious, Arya Suun, Hazzard, TC9700.
Original Mod Posted on Oovee.co.uk
If Posting on other sites keep all credit Info.

Enjoy Getting Muddy.


If you like this mod please consider a donation:

16.1 MiB
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10 Responses to 95 Chevy Regular Cab Dually

  1. Morgan says:

    Finally!!!! I love the 88-98 model Chevy and I hope to see the 4door dually and the reg. Cab long wheelbase with the hood scoop that was in blackwaters mojavi green map.

  2. Shawn says:

    Very much like!

  3. Hunter says:

    You rock

  4. devan says:

    fricken beast truck with the baja tire set

  5. Seriously awesome release thanks!

  6. brandon says:

    any body use jsgme to use this mod for sum reason I cant get the peter built , this dually or the unimog 1500 l anybody know a trick or any thing pretty cool that’s a lil different looking for something thatll haul log s and trailers,,

    • Alex says:

      Make sure it has a media file. And if it does and it is still not working rename the Media File to media. No Caps. Try that thats what I have to do if one of my vehicles does not work.

  7. Hazord606 says:

    This is a fantastic truck and i really look forward to the crew cab, any chance you could make a flatbed trailer to go along with the log trailer, like you had on the F350? IMO, thats all u need to make this into the ultimate support vehicle. Keep up the good work man! 🙂

  8. Hazord606 says:

    also forgot to mention, the there are no textures on the log trailer because it has the texture files files for the peterbilt med log cart, instead of the med log trailer. i swapped them out myself to play but just wanted to let you know.

  9. Travis says:

    Love it. You should make a 1990 Chevy or GMC regular cab short box stepside.

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