88 Jeep Cherokee

Author: BruteTerror
Source: Oovee

Download it. Now. Fine example of a simple mod with a lot of exploring potential. This is a 88 Jeep Cherokee. Comes with three tires and three addons too choose from. Its a BT production and that says it all. Attention to detail is to be expected and this truck is a great exploration vehicle to decloak a map quick.

6.0 MiB
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17 Responses to 88 Jeep Cherokee

  1. Ford PowerStroker says:

    I am stuggling downloading the newer mods they are no longer zip how do i download them I really want to try this and rover defender but they arent zip

  2. CMP says:

    Ford what is wrong with you?
    It is just a other Format and not an other Typ of Files.
    Im using IZArc, its Free and can open everything.
    Try out and have fun Buddy.( Brute did a great job)

    North Spin Tires you are a bad driver.
    Would you treat your real Car like this?
    I also dislike Mods like this.
    (This Car is not made for Crawling, Mud, Wood and Water. It is build for People with to much Money and Dirt from the spray.)

  3. ajbolt22 says:

    i don’t have engine sounds how do i fix this issue?????

  4. Teryn Dominguez says:

    I don’t know what i’m doing wrong but I cant change the texture to the red at all. I have tried everything! Also, I own one of these and the front suspension is WAY wrong. There are supposed to be coils in the front with leaf springs in the back. I hate inaccurate mods that are so beautiful like this.

    • CMP says:

      Have u cleared the Cache? (u loose Gamesaves)
      Maybe u can upload a view pics of the wrong parts in the Forum and help to get a mor scale Mod.

  5. cheesguy47 says:

    i need help. every time i download a file and click on it and it has an icon that is internet explorer and when i click on it, it pulls up internet explorer and shows a whole bunch of jimberish that i don’t know what it is. please anweser back i need help because i love mods.

    • CMP says:

      I dont know what u are talking about. (there is nothing with IE)
      Download the File/double click it to open/drag the Folder on to your Desktop!
      Now u have a Brute… folder with an other Brute … folder and aba. Brute cleare Cache in it.
      Drag the inner Brute … folder to your MODS folder and be Happy.

    • Ford PowerStroker says:

      It does same thing for me just download winrar and right click on it and click extract here.

  6. Ford PowerStroker says:

    Hey Brute when are you releasing the old ford from the video u did with Tom Cat at high dessert map?

  7. Fret Fella says:

    Dude, keep up the great work, my first mod was the F350 brute terror, that thing made me feel like I could control all that mud that I flew by.

  8. Orma says:

    Very nice! Reminds me of my old XJ.

  9. MudPlugger says:

    Just downloaded this, am 100% sure it’s installed correctly etc but for some reason the windows aren’t transparent? No idea why though šŸ™ Any ideas? :S

    • MoeRon says:

      Open – Brute-88-Jeep-Cherokee/media/meshes/trucks/Brute-Jeep-Cherokee – open Brute-Jeep-Cherokee.xml and scroll down to where is says Mesh=”Glass” and below that it will say Blending=”default” change “default” to “alpha” and save it. clear your cache, start game.

  10. MudPlugger says:

    Ahh worked like a charm, thanks a lot buddy! šŸ˜€

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