72 Half Track

Author: SmackDaddy

It’s a beta so yes the head lights are not in the correct place and probably some other parts are not 100% ok. But that is not why i post this here. This mod shows just what you can do with time and imagination. The hald track is not a real track but instead a clever way to use multiple tires and add some magic to it. Download it and try it.

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’vehicles/Smack TRAX Half track prototype v2.0_latest_stable.7z’ /]

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7 Responses to 72 Half Track

  1. Randal says:

    I did enjoy using this mod, was pretty fun to drive around in mud

  2. ccszvnoel1 says:

    oooooooh dont credit me for the model hmmmmmm lol just joking smackdaddy asked 😛 lol he did an amazing job on the tracks

  3. kris titus says:

    will this work with legacy edition

  4. Andrew Smart says:

    What car is replaced by this?

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