6 New Maps of Spintires: MudRunner

At the moment I only have completed 4 of the maps but once I have a little more time complete the rest I will add a little description of what I thought of them:

The Bog

One of the first maps I completed. It is really easy and can be completed in no time. Anyone trying to get into logging will really enjoy the simplicity of this map. This map from what I can tell is based of the plains map from the original Spintires.


I am yet to complete this map. The map is a rebuilt version of Volcano.


Yet to complete. Map is based on the Coast from original Spintires.


Crossing is very similar to the original The River map. This being one of the maps I have just completed I can say it was very challenging and took me the better part of 3 hours to complete. I would say the team have changed the map enough not to make it feel exactly the same as to original map but it still feels very similar. Still is a great map to revisit and complete.



Downhill is hopefully not where this game is going after release 🙂 . Anyways, this map is the remastered version of The Hill but to me the whole map feel very different from the original. It really did not feel like I was going downhill at any point in my memory but I still had quite a lot of fun.


Deluge is a really difficult map to complete and the idea of it is really unique. You have to firstly unlock the garage before you can start logging. The one problem is the path to get there is flooded so finding the safest route is quite the challenge. The Deluge map is based off the original flood map.


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