Welcome on SpinTires.nl The game Spin Tires is being developped by gaming studio Oovee. The aim of the game is to provide a free roaming off-road experience with a focus on using old Russian trucks. The final game will include missions such as logging en gathering crates. This takes place … Continue reading

Range Rover Evoque

Author: Sergey Pasichnyk Source: vk.com In my opinion the most ugly rover out there but this mod is worth a try. The underside is not realistic but the rest is. It drives like a city car would although this rover does also know how to deal with the terrain quite wel. … Continue reading

Gaz 20 “Victory”


Author: unknown Source: vk.com A luxury car with 4×4 capabilities. Built during world war 2 under harsh circumstances and now it gets to live again in Spin Tires. Three sets of tires are given and that is it. It can do a fair bit of offroading but big water sections … Continue reading

Map – Super


Author: Micha Vorotintcev Source: Spintires.net A small map with not much story behind it. You get to transport logs and there is some scenery but it seems this map is put together without much thought behind it. Like this:Like Loading…

H3 Limousine

Author: ChameleonHUM Source: Spintires.net What is even more badass then a normal H3 Hummer? A Stretch Hummer! This is a limousine H3 Hummer. And it behaves like its little brother. Spare wheel addon and a minibar can be installed. You might think this is no good offroad but be ready … Continue reading

ZIL 133 G1


Author: Model, texture: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie. Wheels: Maxim Pioneer, OOVEE. Addons: OOVEE, Alex j, ronnie. Source: vk.com A 6×4 Zil 133 is a welcome truck to the game. It can carry logs into a carriage and a trailer. It can do a fuel run or repair other trucks. Very good … Continue reading

Freightliner Century Day Cab


Author: Max Dmitriev 3D models taken from the game “Rig 3 ” Source: vk.com Basicly a conversion from another game but it has been converted with all the trimming. It has animation, good suspension and a list of good looking and usefull addons. No logging addons yet and i do … Continue reading

Map – Geocaching


Author: V12 Source: here This map brings a whole new kind of gameplay in Spin Tires. The theme of this map is GeoCaching. A well known treasure hunt game using GPS. That idea has been implemented on this map. What the author did is replace the cloaking tornado with geocaching … Continue reading