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Following the lead from SID i decided to add this post to the site. It has to do with one of the modders from the Spin Tires community. You all know him as Draconus and most probably for his work on the rain mod and his ongoing work on the … Continue reading

WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck


This is a personal project from me. I have followed the Dresden Breslau rally via YouTube for some years now and for me one truck stood out among all the trucks. That yellow 6×6 Volvo TGB 13 Rally truck. Custom build from the ground up by Team Havast from the Netherlands. … Continue reading

Level – Aussiewasteland


Author: Aussie4x4pro Source: Oovee Text by Aussie: HELLO EVERYONE Here is my awsome new map this is something new to me i have used custom texture i hope u all like the way i done this map was some time spent on it TEXTURE DONE BY VOTO1979 in this map … Continue reading

Yamal B6 XAM


Author: Ilya Source: Text from Frame: Articulated Wheel formula: 6×6 Permeability: High Exterior: Brutal luxury has: -20 + addons its default and 6 types of wheel -Sound “Ural_Polarnik” -animation: speedometer, tachometer, drawstring PPC fan engine cooling radiator, exhaust, suspension, etc. -color cabin: “Black Metallic” -dorabotana maneuverability at turn-turn -Realizovana … Continue reading

Kraz 5131


Author: CyMpak A short truck which still packs quite a punch. Can be fitted with several addons and two wheels. The truck has: – 16 addons – 11 default addons – It’s own sound – cockpit camera – is capable of carrying 2-4- 6 points logs

Level – Primorie


Author: BOCTOK 25RUS This map is what you need if you want to do some logging in a flooded area. Really good layout and lots of interesting areas to discover. Tip: use a big truck with big wheels or getting anywhere will be sloooooooow.

Level – Muradyum


Author: Sinitsyn Vladislav (Vladislav) Source: I can write up something but the guys at did a good job already so here goes: Map “Muradymskoe Gorge” – another picturesque corner of the highlands! Archived two “level_muradyum” Card (light) and “level_muradyum_hard” (complex). On the map: 3 slots for your mods … Continue reading

Level – Quiet Dell


Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Text by author: Quiet Dell (v1.0) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Game: …………………….Spintires (03/03/16 version) File Creation Date: ……08\09\16 Type: ………………………Single player logging Grid Size: …………………8×8 Custom Made Items: …0 (zero) Includes: Fuel Stations: 1x Lumber Stations: 1 x Log Kiosks: 1x Lumber Objective Stations: 2x Garage Stations: 1x (unlocked) … Continue reading

Level – Heavens Gate V2


Author: Spoke01 Source: Oovee Screenshot and text by author: Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED “Heaven’s Gate” v2.0 – (compressed using 7z) . This is the map I tried to do when I created the original Heaven’s Gate v1.1. Now that I’m a bit more experience in using the Editor, … Continue reading

Level – Mountain Road


Author: Anton Source: Text from Suffice it interesting and unusual card. More than 100 hours in the editor. On the map additional static objects used. I tried to make a balance of dirt and dry road, turned around 40/60. The card is in the style of the mountain … Continue reading



Author: Vadim Chugaynov With redesigned suspension and changed throughput and power this Gaz looks amazing. A new cabin color  plus customized light  and new wheels. Features: -5 + addons its default are two kinds of wheels -Custom sound -type of cabin 29-9-16 update – A green body was added – A crane was … Continue reading



Author: CyMpak Mix Mad Max with a Gaz truck and this is what you get. A truck that is crap at off road but good at running barriers and knocking trucks over with its front mounted blade. Can be fitted with wheels, chained and without chains. Machine gun and two … Continue reading