Mods and Maps update


Hello there visitors of this site. As you may or may not have noticed Spin Tires received a new update to version 23.10.15 This means two things. 1) Mods cannot be put into the new update. 2) Maps cannot be put into the new update. That may seem to be … Continue reading

Dolphin for Koen


This post has nothing to do with Spin Tires at all. But it has everything to do with the health and life of my neighbours kid. His name is Koen and he is 5 years old. Of those 5 years he has spent roughly 3 years in and out of … Continue reading

VAZ 21213 “Niva”


Author: Max Dmitriev Source: Very good mod this Niva. Its Max’s final version of the well known Lada Niva. Lots of addons to choose from and a large collection of tires as well. Rides really good and the suspension and animation make it feel real enough for anyone to … Continue reading



Author Models: Aleksei Fateev Author Mod: Yuri Ismailov Source: I would not be surprised if something like this drives around in mother Russia somewhere. The truck has its own list of addons, from wheels to protective cage to big bucket to move stones and branches. It looks ugly as hell … Continue reading

Gaz 34


Author: Victor BVG Source: More of this please. The mighty gaz 34 6×6 truck in camo outfit for the latest_stable of the game. This truck will move mountains if handled properly. Good set of addons to choose and all good fun to use for whichever mission you want.

Ford Raptor SVT


Author: SpunInDarkness Source: Oovee This mod comes with 16 factory paint schemes and 5 custom SID paints. Check the texture folders for the skins and read the “read me” file for instructions. This mod comes with working dash lights. And it comes with a lot of fun included. This is a … Continue reading

Zil 157 Zahar


Author: Author 3D models, textures, add-ons, wheels Maxim Gordeev author Sound: Anton Smirnov Envelope: Vitaly Janz Source: This is a good model with good looking textures and animations. It can be fitted with several different addons and two tires. Can be used for logging but also serves a good purpose … Continue reading

Test drive – Forwarder Ponsse 8×8 2.0


PressureLine is having a ball converting this into the latest_stable. The Forwarder Ponsse 8×8. A really good looking 8×8 logging vehicle which can handle most terrain easily with its 8×8 traction and flexible body. Converting this puppy is not a easy task so we should all say thank you to PressureLine for … Continue reading

Kamaz 44108


Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: A new version of the Kamaz 44108. Addons list does not match the previous one by Dmitry so this one gets its own post. Nice set of addons among which i good looking truck trailer. Good set of tires to choose from and a good texture … Continue reading

HTZ T-150K


Author: authors of 3D models: Silak_68, D.Alexandrovich authors Fashion: D .Alexandrovich, Ilya_Ilya Source: Massive pulling power in a neat Russian package. The T-150 L (L for LARGE) is a big 6×6 logging tractor. It can easily pull itself plus logging trailer up a steep slope. It features some good animation … Continue reading