Mods and Maps update


Hello there visitors of this site. As you may or may not have noticed Spin Tires received a new update to version 23.10.15 This means two things. 1) Mods cannot be put into the new update. 2) Maps cannot be put into the new update. That may seem to be … Continue reading

VM 1986 Ford 150


Author: Vengeful Maniac Original 3D Model – MAD MAX Wheels/Tires – Vengeful Maniac Everything Else – Vengeful Maniac Sounds – SID Source: Steam Nice little logging truck capable of carrying a nice stack of logs AND do some trailing on the way to the lumberyard. Perfect combination and excellent attention … Continue reading

K710 6×6


Source: Steam This is the K710 6×6 and you have to download and try this. Why? Because it can haul a long logs trailer up a steep slope without problem. That is why. I also took the liberty to add auto backsteer to this monster to make it better to … Continue reading

ST14 – UAZ 456


Author: Bregel Source: Oovee This is a fictional car, a 6×6 UAZ 456. Comes with a choice in tires and addons. There is even some sheep to drive around the map :). One word of warning, do not use more than 4 addons or the game engine will freak out! … Continue reading

Level – Oxbow


Author: NTSR I got sent this map by NTSR to check out and post and i will surely do that. This map is real thought out. It features trailers parked on the map which first have to be retrieved to be able to do some logging. It features the usual default … Continue reading

Level – DCO Logging


Author: Norsa Another great map to try is this one, DCO logging. I took a couple of quick shots but ended up doing a trail/logging drive with the 6×6 uaz. Excellent time and i have only seen 10% of the map while i was busy. Really appreciate the work that … Continue reading

Add backsteer to center pivot trucks


The K700, Ponnse Buffalo,T-150 and XPEN all share the same common thing. They pivot at their center. Which makes for awkward steering because they do not have automatic backsteer. When you go round a corner the truck does not auto align its wheels in one line automatically, you have to … Continue reading

K700A 6×6


Author: Darius Source: A 6×6 version of the K700 is the K700A. Comes with three sets of wheels and a good list of addons to haul logs through difficult terrain. All in all an impressive piece of Russian machinery.

Level – Banjarbaru racetrack


Author: Bregel Source: right here This is something else from Bregel. Instead of a killer mod he has created this racetrack, based on an actual racetrack. It’s called the Banjarbaru racetrack. Features the real raceway plus a fictional off-road trail course. Both tracks are really cool to drive on. The … Continue reading



Author: Pasi4nik Sergei A big boxy brutal truck. This is the KZKT-74286. The Maz’s ugly step brother. Can pull quite a load, has a huge turning circle and just looks ugly. Several addons and wheels to choose from.