Welcome on SpinTires.nl The game Spin Tires is being developped by gaming studio Oovee. The aim of the game is to provide a free roaming off-road experience with a focus on using old Russian trucks. The final game will include missions such as logging en gathering crates. This takes place … Continue reading

Test drive – Evans Creek


I got a pre-release version of the Evans Creek map to play with. Thanks MoeRon for that opportunity. I used the E-350 Ford from BT as my vehicle of choice. This map just had so many hidden paths to explore it will keep you busy for hours and hours. You … Continue reading

1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside

Author: LetsRockAndRoll Source: Oovee A real nice classic looking car. The 1959 Chevy Apache Fleetside. Comes with several good addons like a camper, wrecker and pickup bed. Also a good choice in tires and add to that a stunning texture job. Almost too good to be using in the mud … Continue reading

SID H1 Hummer


Author: SID Source: Oovee A new hummer to play with. This time it is a SID build which means great suspension, lighting and animation. The truck has IFS and a appetite for mud and difficult terrain. Just like a real hummer it is a great truck to go exploring with … Continue reading

BAW Brave Warrior


Author: DEMON74 Source: vk.com A little chinese 4×4 named the Brave Warrior. Which does go into tornado mode when loaded with too many addons. Especially the gruz addons seem to throw it into a frenzy. But it is good looking, little light on its wheels but a good mod nonetheless. … Continue reading

Test drive – LKT 81


The LKT 81 is a logging tractor. And as such drives not the same as your moms suv ;). It can swivel in the middle much like a T-150 can. It has poor high speed but does have enough low gear to pull heavy logs and/or heavy trucks. So it … Continue reading

95 GMC Crew Cab Dually


Author: BruteTerror Source: Oovee This is the bigger version of the GMC dually that BT made a short while ago. This is a crew cab version which it is longer. Addons are the same as on its smaller brother and it comes with a good choice in wheels. Don’t be … Continue reading

Test drive – Ford E-350 4×4


Testing day today. And next on the line is a Ford E-350 converted into a 4×4 offroad van. And it does a superb job at that. The truck looks really good on its higher stance and offroad wheels. The roofrack is standard and when it is released it comes with … Continue reading

G Bog Beast


Author: Bregel Source: Oovee Note: Reusing any assets of this mod are strictly prohibited. This is a distant cousin of the Mercedes G. It has the same hood but that is about all they share. This beast has a blower engine, massive tires and a stunning dashcam (no screenshot, go … Continue reading

Test drive – SID H1 Hummer


The Hummer H1, by SID, represents the real life vehicle. It is more tractor then car because it has no problem with mud at all. It just plows through and keeps on going. Good set of wheels underneath and just take a look at that interior. By far the best … Continue reading

Deblur hoodcam/dashcam


I have been asked this before and here it is. The custom media.xml file that takes care of the removing the blur effect when you are using the camera from the inside of the mod. It changes the camera focus setting to the interior or outside of the mod go … Continue reading