WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck


This is a personal project from me. I have followed the Dresden Breslau rally via YouTube for some years now and for me one truck stood out among all the trucks. That yellow 6×6 Volvo TGB 13 Rally truck. Custom build from the ground up by Team Havast from the Netherlands. … Continue reading

Mods and Maps update


Hello there visitors of this site. As you may or may not have noticed Spin Tires received a new update to version 23.10.15 This means two things. 1) Mods cannot be put into the new update. 2) Maps cannot be put into the new update. That may seem to be … Continue reading

level – Lesozavodsk


Author: Lobzukov Lech (EAST 25RUS) Source: vk.com (info from author) Map of average complexity and quite interesting. Created for the game in multiplayer: places, except comrade, you no help – no tree or stump. Yes, and perform all the tasks will not be easy, because on it 16 sawmills, 5 garages, … Continue reading

Level – Silent Forest


Author: Eugene Luzgin (Jacksan63) Source: vk.com Map: – two garages – four sawmills – one filling – two manual loading station – one automatic station pickup – URAL 375 – five slots for choice of transport PS On some parts of the card may need help fellow \ tree or stump … Continue reading

Level – Alpine Trail


Author: TheRigStig If you like hauling lumber while driving through lush forests then this is your map. Relatively easy map to do some logging on. But do not be fooled by the forests and how it looks.. keep your eyes on the road or crash into a tree.

Landrover SIII + Mini log trailer


Author: Pixelherder Fixer: V12 Source: Oovee Once upon a time there was this very unique mod being made by Pixelherder, back in the tech demo days. It was later converted to the full game but it came at a price. Due to some glitch you needed to remove the cache … Continue reading

International Harvester of Sorrow


Author: Stetson If you are in need of a tow truck. And you need it yesterday then look no further as this flatbed can take your offroad rig on its back and go offroading without problem. It looks like something the Addams family might have driven if they were in … Continue reading

First “miles”

IMG_20160525_150312 (Medium)

For the first time since i bought it i got to really experience the crawling capabilities of my G6. And for that we drove to a construction site where the crews had kindly left piles of ground up rocks besides the road for us to use with our RC. And … Continue reading

Level – Deep Valley


Author: Aussie4x4Pro Source: Oovee This map is a crawling map lot of crazy tracks LOTS of fun I have put logging in this for all u logging fans but i would use a small trucks few rock crawls IN GAME: !. Two garage one locked 2. three objective 3.one lumber … Continue reading



Author: Dmitry Romanenko Source: vk Info from vk:  Added native sound, couple new add-ons for repairs and fuel, and of booklet on the track. UAZ-31512 and UAZ-3151 ( “kolkhoz” and “military” bridges) is the set of add-ons allow skastomayzit UAZ to your taste -also have 5 sets of wheels with different … Continue reading