Dolphin for Koen


This post has nothing to do with Spin Tires at all. But it has everything to do with the health and life of my neighbours kid. His name is Koen and he is 5 years old. Of those 5 years he has spent roughly 3 years in and out of … Continue reading



Welcome on The game Spin Tires is being developped by gaming studio Oovee. The aim of the game is to provide a free roaming off-road experience with a focus on using old Russian trucks. The final game will include missions such as logging en gathering crates. This takes place … Continue reading

SID 1977 International Scout II Open Top


Author: SID Source: Oovee Text copied from Oovee: Special thanks to Corey for making this model. This is a more capable version of the Scout II. It comes with a full cage, a lift and bigger tires with bead locks, a redesigned front bumper and a spare tire in the … Continue reading

Ural 43206


Author: Roman Sonchak Source: Inside and out a very good looking mod. This is the 4×4 Ural 43206 truck capable of hauling logs, rock and several other addons and trailers. Easy to drive with a impressive offroad capability. A must have if you powerfull good looking Russian trucks. Comes with … Continue reading

UAZ GAZ 66 hybrid


Author: Ronnie Source: I would not be surprised if a car like this drove around in Russia somewhere. It is the body of a UAZ married to a GAZ 66 chassis. Creating a really good looking and  very capable offroader. Suspension and animation are all in good shape. This … Continue reading

Gaz 20-M


Author: Pra Source: At first i thought this was that Volvo Sugga but no, its the Russian GAZ 20-M. Old and beaten but stil a worthy offroader once fitted with the bigger tires. Nice grip overal and the dashcam is just creepy.

Test drive – Snow blizzard!

Draconus is hard at work creating a winter wonderland for us all to play with. He has already released a snow falling mod but if you really feel the need to change the gameplay he has this cooking in his mod kitchen. A full-blown snow blizzard! Which actually covers the … Continue reading

Map – Stagnum


Author: Lexxuzzz Source: A great map to download and use if you want to do some trail driving. You can also try logging but really this map is more about exploring the countryside and hidden pathways. Big trucks will not do very well on this map unless it’s named … Continue reading

Map – Evans Creek


Author: MoeRon Testing: SID, Brute, Serious, Hazzard Look up Evans Creek on YouTube to see some really great footage of an excellent 4×4 area. It has everything, from water crossings to rock crawler areas and everything between. And then download this map and have that same area in Spin Tires. You … Continue reading