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Following the lead from SID i decided to add this post to the site. It has to do with one of the modders from the Spin Tires community. You all know him as Draconus and most probably for his work on the rain mod and his ongoing work on the … Continue reading

WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck


This is a personal project from me. I have followed the Dresden Breslau rally via YouTube for some years now and for me one truck stood out among all the trucks. That yellow 6×6 Volvo TGB 13 Rally truck. Custom build from the ground up by Team Havast from the Netherlands. … Continue reading

Level – Ledge Mills


Author: Robbit This map was made with the map editor released on steam. There are a lot of roads and a bridge as well as a river and some lakes. I hope this is as enjoyable to others as it is to me. It is the largest size allowed by … Continue reading

Level – Rackysmoll


Author: NTSR NTSR is a map wizzard who strives to create natural flowing maps. And he has succeeded once again by creating this seemingly small map. It might seem small but this is a hardcore crawler map. He is managed to automate the creation of a rock crawl map and … Continue reading

Gantry crane


Author: unknown (if you know let me know) This is a mod unlike any other. With this one you can add a crane to the game which can pick up wood or trucks. Using the regular keys you can move the crane on its tracks and operate the grabber. Do … Continue reading

Level – Rocks


Author: ABR Have you broken? You run out of fuel? You need the logs? Now they will come to you themselves! Yes, now we have DRIVEN the train! – railroad – driven trains, they can deliver to any place: – fuel – repair parts – logs – a lot of … Continue reading

Level – Pripyat 2


Author: Dmitry Bogelman From author: Like the first version, the map is the north-western part of the city . Pripyat What added and modified: – where there was a dried-up lake, now it is slightly flooded, – added space breakthrough of underground sewer pipes – dips in the pavement and other … Continue reading

Test – SID 1984 Toyota Hilux Truggy


Author: SID This is the SID 1984 Toyota Hilux Truggy. And it is yet another excellent mod by SID for those who enjoy a bit of trail driving or rock crawling. It does not only look good it drives just as well. It can tackle the new map i am testing … Continue reading

Test drive – Jamal 8×8


Author: V12 This is one heavy truck. It is the Jamal 6×6 but then in a 8×8 version. Which does not exist in real life, as far as i known, but it should because this one unstoppable truck. V12 has been working hard on implementing swinging half axles and this … Continue reading

Level – Old Trails


Author: Aussie4x4Pro A nice trailing map filled with the following: 1 GARAGE 2 FUEL 8 CLOAKING 4 TRUCK SPOT Beginners and pro’s will have hours of fun on this map! Screenshots by Aussie4x4Pro

Testing Level X


Author: X Currently testing a new map which is being worked on by a well known map maker. This map is awesome if you want to do some rock crawling in a rock crawl course made by Mother Nature her self. Very natural placement of rocks and trees and all … Continue reading