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Following the lead from SID i decided to add this post to the site. It has to do with one of the modders from the Spin Tires community. You all know him as Draconus and most probably for his work on the rain mod and his ongoing work on the … Continue reading

WIP – Volvo TGB13 Rally Truck


This is a personal project from me. I have followed the Dresden Breslau rally via YouTube for some years now and for me one truck stood out among all the trucks. That yellow 6×6 Volvo TGB 13 Rally truck. Custom build from the ground up by Team Havast from the Netherlands. … Continue reading

Level – DPI Olesja River


Author: DexterParis Source: Oovee »Olesja River« ist a fictional place where several small rivers from the nearby mountains merge together. After weeks of heavy rainfalls the water level has risen and forces the truck drivers to cross the rivers again and again. Characteristics – predominantly flat terrain – different road … Continue reading

Datsun Truggy BC


Author: Bregel. With a 1.9Tdi under the hood this custom Datsun Truggy BC from the Bregel Garage can do a pretty good trail ride. It looks gorgeouos with fully animated steering parts on the front, thanks to assist by Garminbreak. It had no problem with the trail map Bregel made … Continue reading

John Deere 540B Log Skidder


Author: >Forces< Text by author: in the Modding Line this is my fifth Mod (the first after loosing all the blend files when my 32gb FlashDrive Died) but heres a New Beginning Completetly scracht Made this New Log skidder (that does have logs to pull) has 6 addons (Load included) … Continue reading

TEST DRIVE – SID Zone Off Road Jeep MJ


Author: SID This is a new creation by SID. The Jeep MJ in ZoneOffroad theme. It features two choices in tires, a jack and spare tires to match the tires truck is using. It has amazing detailed decal on it for ZoneOffroad. Handles like it looks, it can take on … Continue reading



Author: GolmanRS Typical Russian engineering. Mary the cab from a cab with the Zil 6×6 undercarriage. Excellent exploration vehicle or extreme logging truck. Mod is in development so expect future updates.  

Level – Geocaching 3


Author: V12 Geocaching 3 for SpinTires Third Geocaching map is here ! More difficult than two previous ! Many offroad routes mixed with hardcore trial stages, some caches are reachable only with maximum courage. And there is a secret military installation with great surprise. All chaches are accessible with Uaz … Continue reading

DCMT Thunderduck in trouble


Hey all, This is Comawhite 12 of DCMT. One of our founders has come under a HUGE burden due to Hurricane Matthew this last weeknd slamming through North Carolina. He has been without power since Saturday, and the estimated time of service return is now Sunday the 16th, but that … Continue reading

Kentworth W900


Source: Upgrade pack: -added new truck Kenworth w900 6×6 with low roof -added their addons -added wheels -Changed sound of the engine as close as possible to the actual (maximum nowhere))) -Fixed a bug has: -3 type truck -5 + addons its default -5 types of wheels -Custom sound … Continue reading

Ford W9000


Author: hoanns / thombuggy A mighty Ford W9000. Available in 4×4 and 6×6. It can be equiped with several addons and tires but the best part is the auto trailer. It can carry up to 6 smaller cars. And with 4 trucks loaded is still able to climb uphill with … Continue reading